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Create A Safe Environment With The Right Choice Of Flooring

Press Release   •   Jun 07, 2013 18:14 +08

Flooring is a material that occupies a large portion of the interior hence it affects greatly to the entire outlook based on the patterns and colours that the homeowners had selected. Not only does it have to match with the interior concept of the space, it is important to go for flooring that is safe for all the family members.

There are two priority factors to consider when choosing flooring:

Highly slip resistance

Some family may have toddlers who are at the learning stage of walking while some may have elderly parents who are prone to slipping, going for highly slip resistant flooring could prevent them from slipping easily. Wood flooring is an ideal material for them as it is highly slip resistant and it is a good insulator of heat. Some elderly do not like their feet to be stepping on cold floors and wood flooring can keep their feet warm during rainy and cold weather and maintain a low temperature for the interior during warm scorching days. Toddlers can sleep on the wood flooring too after they are done with
their playtime without making parents worry that they might catch a cold after a short nap on the flooring.

Fresher Air

In order to maintain the air quality in your interior fresh, homeowners have to go for flooring that does not emit toxic substances to the surrounding air. Wood flooring is environmental friendly and it does not trap and accumulate dust mites, the main cause of common children’s health problems such as asthma and acne, it helps to ensure fresh and clean quality air to the surroundings in your home.

BKB engineered wood flooring is a natural wood with almost zero formaldehyde emission hence it is recommended to households who are looking for good quality wood flooring.

Choosing the right flooring material is essential in creating a pleasant and safe environment for your loved ones.

Evorich Flooring, is one of the most reputable flooring contractors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Providing the end user with supply and installation of quality laminate flooring, high end resilient flooring, engineered timber flooring, wood floor, indoor and outdoor decking.

Evorich Flooring is also a member of National Wood Flooring Association and a strong advocate for introducing Eco green flooring into the building and construction industry worldwide. Moreover, Evorich Holdings has recently been awarded as one of the Promising SME 500 awards in Singapore & is the first flooring contractor in Singapore to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011. Evorich has also recently been awarded the Orchid Trusted Brands 2012 for quality customer services in Singapore.

With continuous support for the Green Eco movement in Singapore, Evorich Flooring sponsors Miss Earth Singapore 2012. The group is also the Co-Sponsor & award presenter to Southeast Asia Property Awards. The biggest award event to recognize developers in Southeast Asia. Evorich is also the first flooring contractor to represent Singapore's outdoor decking industry to speak at the upcoming Piscine Splash Asia Conference 2013 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

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