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More Than Just Beautiful ~ Quality Flooring Buying Guide

Press Release   •   Jul 24, 2012 15:34 +08

Today with the growing demand of new homes, many flooring brands begin to sprout up in the market; coupled with heavy advertising budgets on mass media, many brands have become a 'sensation' over night. Words like beautiful, stylish and fun began to paint pictures in the consumer's mind. However, for consumers, they may need to look beyond those words. It is more than just plain beautiful.

Here some are some of the guidelines:

1) Beautifully Safe

Always take this deeply in mind. While many flooring products are produced massively and marketed under the veil of heavy advertising dollars. One question the owner always needs to ask, is whether the flooring product is safe to use in terms of high slip resistance, fire resistance and impact resistance.

2) Beautifully 'Healthy'

Some massively produced flooring products may be lack of important healthy aspects which otherwise may be harmful to the human health if taken for granted. One such healthy aspect to look into, will be the content of formaldehyde emission; always look for quality flooring products that are tested and proven to be low in formaldehyde emission. The odour may be colourless, but if the flooring with high formaldehyde content is left in an enclosed area with long period of time, it may be too dangerous especially for people with low immune health system or those with poor respiratory health. A rule of the thumb is to always look for standards with E1 or E0 in formaldehyde emission rating and to make sure that the said flooring product has passed the recommended test result for SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) contents.

3) Beautifully Eco-Friendly

Look for quality flooring products with sustainable and eco-friendly qualities. Flooring products which are massively produced may not be manufactured in a environmentally method. Also, especially when we are talking about natural wood flooring products, do make sure that the material is taken from audited sustainable resources. While we look at the manufacturing process, it is much more important to look in the disposal process as well. Good quality flooring products can be renewed or recycled in other uses therefore contribute to a better environmentally friendly home for the owners.

4) Beautifully on its Own

How do you define the meaning of 'beautiful' when it comes to shopping for flooring or any other furnishings that you see?Well, the answer probably is, being beautiful as it is. It is up to your preference, your style, your taste and also that kind of design that you want for your home. The many brands available in the world today give home owners many design choices to choose from and to select that one design that they truly love, or feel unique to. So long safety, eco friendly and the heathy aspects of the flooring are taken into consideration, home owners can hence, confidently choose the right flooring that they feel attached to.

As the saying goes, "Beauty beholds in the eye of the beholder"; every piece of a good quality flooring design, somehow has their unique set of suitors (home owners), that equally loves and feels that particular floor design which they think is the right one for their homes.

Evorich Holdings, is one of the most reputable flooring contractors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Providing the end user with supply and installation of quality laminate flooring, high end resilient flooring, engineered wood flooring, timber flooring, indoor and outdoor decking.

Evorich Holdings is also a member of National Wood Flooring Association and a strong advocate for introducing Eco green flooring into the building and construction industry worldwide. Moreover, Evorich Holdings has recently been awarded as one of the Promising SME 500 awards in Singapore & is the first flooring contractor in Singapore to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011. Evorich has also recently been awarded the Orchid Trusted Brands 2012 for quality customer services in Singapore.

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