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Select the Appropriate Flooring For Your Home

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 17:35 +08

Renovating a place is never an easy task. Serious considerations have to be given from choosing of flooring materials till the finest detail of the house such as vases and display accessories in order to have a perfect and attractive home that you will be satisfied and happy with. As it isn’t cheap to renovate a home, proper selection have to be done to pick the right quality material so that it can last for a long period of time.

It can be frustrating if you are clueless to which flooring to select as you and your family will be stepping, sitting and walking on it every single day. For families with toddlers, they would even be crawling around on the floors as well as lazing on it during their afternoon naps after playing with their toys hence the selection of homes have to be suitable for all of the family members living in the house.

Living area has to be inviting and welcoming as it is where guests would gather when they enter the house. The flooring can bring out different moods for the space hence it is up to individual preference of what style and ambience homeowners wish to achieve for their homes.

If they intend to have a grand outlook, marble tiles would be able to bring out the classy and luxury feel for the living hall. If they are keen to have a country and natural feel, wood flooring would deem as the perfect choice for them.

As most homeowners would have their air conditioned on full blast when they are sleeping in the night, going for wood flooring for their bedrooms might be the better option. In this way, their feet would not feel icy cold stepping on wood flooring if they were to be awake in the middle of the night for toilet breaks or to check on their kids. It is ideal flooring for toddlers too as their hands and legs would not feel cold when they are learning to crawl and walk.

Some of the new homes have concrete bay windows in their bedrooms, overlaying them with laminate flooring or High end resilient flooring (HERF) would give the entire room a refresh outlook. It can be transformed into a cosy area for families to cuddle together or a relaxing corner for them to read their books.

Selecting the appropriate flooring for your home is essential as replacing a floor can be hassle. It is always advisable to choose quality flooring instead of budget flooring to prevent plenty of maintenance issues in the future.

Evorich Holdings, is one of the most reputable flooring contractors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Providing the end user with supply and installation of quality laminate flooring, high end resilient flooring, engineered wood flooring, timber flooring, indoor and outdoor decking.

Evorich Holdings is also a member of National Wood Flooring Association and a strong advocate for introducing Eco green flooring into the building and construction industry worldwide. Moreover, Evorich Holdings has recently been awarded as one of the Promising SME 500 awards in Singapore & is the first flooring contractor in Singapore to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011. Evorich has also recently been awarded the Orchid Trusted Brands 2012 for quality customer services in Singapore.

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