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​How to choose the perfect kitchen flooring

News   •   Dec 20, 2016 16:13 +08

PUCL 40088 - Autumn Oak Honey for a cosy kitchen

In the past, wood floors were too high maintenance for the kitchen. But thanks to the introduction of waterproof vinyl flooring and water-resistant laminate floors, you can now get the look of hardwood without all the worry.

Why you’ll love our LURF and Laminate flooring in your kitchen:

Whether you choose laminate or LURF, your floor will serve as the durable ‘cooking base’ of your kitchen for years to come. That’s why you’re offered a 25-year warranty on all our laminate flooring, and a 20-year warranty on LURF, as well as lifetime warranties on the floor joints system and workmanship.

Looking for an authentic, traditional wood grain design? Or do you prefer the exotic look of tropical woods? Perhaps you’re a fan of natural stone flooring. Whatever your favourite style, we have the LURF and laminate flooring of your dreams. Wide or narrow, bevelled or square, planks or tiles: the choice is yours.

Whether your kitchen opens into the living room area or they are two separate spaces, it’s a good idea to use the same flooring in both rooms. It will create a calming sense of cohesion and make your home seem bigger — especially if you carefully choose the direction in which to lay your floor planks.

Kitchen floors are constantly put to the test. A sharp knife falling edge-down; a glass spilling its bubbly contents in transit: your kitchen floor could tell you stories. But thanks to the patented Scratch Guard protective technology, laminate and LURF kitchen flooring can easily withstand whatever you throw at it. Our LURF options also have an additional Stain Guard coating that can easily handle any stain or spill.

Looking for a kitchen floor that’s 100% waterproof? Then LURF is the floor of your dreams. Laminate won’t let you down either: thanks to HydroSeal coating technology, our Impressive laminate floors always remain high and dry.

About Quick-Step
Since its introduction in Belgium in 1990, Quick-Step has grown to become a globally recognised brand that is a category in its own right, bringing a wide variety of design floors that are visually stunning, technologically advanced and easy to maintain.

About Floor Xpert Pte Ltd
Established in 2010, Floor Xpert is one of the largest flooring solutions providers in Singapore, serving its customers’ resilient flooring, laminate flooring, outdoor decking and turf needs. Offering premium quality and workmanship, Floor Xpert works closely with both home owners and commercial partners to deliver customer satisfaction and product guarantee. For more information, visit the company’s website at .

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