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Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Alfresco way!

Press Release   •   Dec 10, 2013 14:27 +08

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner. During this celebration, it is common to expect relatives dropping by your house for gathering. This is also a period where most homeowners start to re-decorate their home to impress the incoming guests. Here are three tips on how you can start a brand new year with a refreshing look.

Man-made realistic plant

During this season, we often see consumers buying pots of plants as they hang little red packets or other decorative items. Some people might go for the specific plant to hang these items. However, there are a considerable group of consumers who are interested in a general plant for decorative purpose.

The man-made realistic plant would be an ideal choice. As the name suggests, its appearance is natural and requires low maintenance. All you need is occasional wipe of the leaves with a damp cloth as and when required. You do not need to worry about watering the plants or changing of soil. This saves you time amid your busy schedule and it can last all year round. It is both time and cost saving for you!

Textilene and stainless steel furniture

Furniture shopping is perhaps an itinerary for most homeowners during CNY. You may wish to consider textilene with stainless material furniture. The combination of these two materials gives an instant modern and elegant feel to the furniture. Stainless steel has long been an idea choice for outdoor purpose due to its durability .Its reflective appearances portray a classy and trendy finish to the overall item. With textilene as a combination, both complement each other to evoke a unified modernized appearance.

Likewise, the nature of the material requires low maintenance. Similar to the man-made realistic plants, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to ensure your chair retains the sparkling new look.

Water Feature: A conventional charm items for luck and prosperous year

There is a common association of water with wealth in the Chinese saying. Water feature has become a popular item in home these days. There is a belief that water is wealth. The direction of water flowing rhythmically inward symbolizes wealth flowing into the home. Given such belief, water feature has become an auspicious decorative items to be include this season. For others, the continuous rhythmic crisp sound of water flow has a calming and relaxing touch to the surrounding. Regardless of the reason, the inclusion of water feature is set to give your house a unique and bold appearance to your living space.

It’s time to start planning the decoration of your home for this Chinese New Year in the alfresco way!

At HAUS Furnishing™, we have just one simple little goal.

The goal is that we want our customers to enjoy a good quality alfresco living lifestyle. And we will go all the way to do that.

Be it squeezing every ounce of our brain cell for more creative alfresco ideas, or sourcing for the best of the best material, or helping every single customer to optimise their limited living space for alfresco concept.

We will just keep on doing what is good for the customer and that is it!

HAUS Furnishing™ is also the official furniture sponsor for 2013 F1 Sky Grand Prix After Party and is considered as one of the first to introduce the alfresco design concept in the Singapore market.

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