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Choosing a Bistro Set for your Home

Press Release   •   May 09, 2014 15:32 +08

Homeowners should start choosing the bistro set by determining the area they would like to use it. It can be for outdoor or indoor area depending on the preference of homeowner. Bistro sets that are intended for outdoor will need a layer of waterproof coating to ensure it is weather resistant. There are also materials such as wickers that are weather resistant by nature thus the additional coating are not needed. Indoor sets do not require the coating as it is less likely to get in contact with water.

Bistro sets usually comes in a table with 2 chairs that are stylish and attractive. Some might even be able to stack up to save space or create an artistic structure such as a vase. Moreover it can act as a coffee table, a tea time table set or even a dining table when you want to have some romantic time with your loved ones, it adds on a romantic atmosphere rather than a huge sofa set with only 2 people sitting. As it is small and it can be easily moved from one end to another, homeowners can play around when they decide to have a change of furniture placement.

Maintenance and durability is also something homeowners would like to look into when choosing a bistro set. Be sure to choose one that can be maintained easily where basic cleaning with a cloth to wipe away the dust will do the job. Materials used for the sets are also a key factor in durability. There are often made of a few materials used in today’s market such as wrought Iron, steel and wicker just to name a few. Wrought iron might be the most durable material but it is not suitable for outdoor due to its metal properties that attracts heat during the day and it is relatively costly. If homeowners are on a tight budget, wicker bistro sets may be an ideal choice. Wicker is easy to clean and also durable thus long lasting.

If homeowners prefer a more vibrant contrast of colour, there are materials such as wicker and wrought iron that can be stain and the colour does not peel off easily unlike natural materials such as teak that colour may fade under sun or rain. Alternatively, cushions can be added on to add more comfort and coziness to your bistro set.

Most importantly, homeowners should look for a credible contractor for quality products and services.

At HAUS Furnishing™, we have just one simple little goal.

The goal is that we want our customers to enjoy a good quality alfresco living lifestyle. And we will go all the way to do that.

Be it squeezing every ounce of our brain cell for more creative alfresco ideas, or sourcing for the best of the best material, or helping every single customer to optimise their limited living space for alfresco concept.

We will just keep on doing what is good for the customer and that is it!

HAUS Furnishing™ is also the official furniture solution for 2013 F1 Sky Grand Prix After Party, Brides Outdoor Wedding Show 2014  as well as for the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. HAUS is considered as one of the first to introduce the alfresco design concept in the Singapore market.

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