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Creating an Eco Home

Press Release   •   May 07, 2014 10:44 +08

There are more homeowners who are looking into a greener living space these days as doing a part for the environment. Although some of us may have tried creating a green environment with carpet grass, however it is still artificial. Hence, below are 4 natural products that can be used and to beautify your home:

1)  Wood Furniture

By nature, wood is considered a strong and durable property in today’s market. Hence, many manufacturers have been using it to create all kinds of furniture such as bed frame, chairs and chairs. Wood furniture can be placed in both outdoor and indoor due to its natural abilities and resistance to water and insects. It can be easily maintained with a piece of wet cloth to wipe of the dirt or dust on it.

2)  Coco Cladding / Wall Paper

Claddings and wall papers are familiar among homeowners. As technology and innovation improves, wall paper has come alive with a 3D touch that looks realistic. Coco cladding is made up of either sea shell or coconut husk, both are natural elements and can be seen mostly at the seaside. It gives homeowner a feel of resort in their home. Coco cladding is light weighted and also low maintenance just

3)  Lighting Furniture

Lighting is something essential in every home. How about merging it together with a furniture so it can be something more than a light. Which is having a stool that shines or a lamp post that can be used as a hanger; both of this lighting furniture can also be used as a night lamp. By converting its bulb into a energy saving LED, it be glowing green.

4)  Natural Decking

Decking that are made up of natural wood allows homeowners to have a feel of nature right from the beginning of the feet up. Most of the new homes in Singapore now come with a balcony or planter area that can covered up with a layer or decking to enhance the feel of a eco home. Although most decking are made up of wood, but be sure to check with your flooring contractor as some decking may have splinters after sometime.

5)  Plants & Flowers

Flowers are colourful, it brings out the vibe in your home that is able to make surrounding people happy. Plants and flowers also act as a shade during hot sunny days. It also helps to clean the indoor air with every 1 plant place in an area of 100sqf helps effectively in purifying the air.

Homeowners are doing their part for the environment in their home, but do not forget about your surrounding environment as well. Let us all keep it clean and green! Cheers!

At HAUS Furnishing™, we have just one simple little goal.

The goal is that we want our customers to enjoy a good quality alfresco living lifestyle. And we will go all the way to do that.

Be it squeezing every ounce of our brain cell for more creative alfresco ideas, or sourcing for the best of the best material, or helping every single customer to optimise their limited living space for alfresco concept.

We will just keep on doing what is good for the customer and that is it!

HAUS Furnishing™ is also the official furniture solution for 2013 F1 Sky Grand Prix After Party, Brides Outdoor Wedding Show 2014  as well as for the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. HAUS is considered as one of the first to introduce the alfresco design concept in the Singapore market.

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