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How to Create a Resort Theme Home?

Press release   •   Apr 09, 2014 16:28 +08

Getting a new home and renovate it is all the little bits and parcel that homeowners have to go through. Some homeowners would like to design the entire home to resemble a resort. Resorts can be categorized under 3 different sectors which are nature, Balinese and beach resort. Nature will look more greeny with pots of flowers while Balinese may have a woody and dark colour. Beach resorts are usually decorated with sea shells and blue background to have a feel of the sea. Even if you have already renovated you home, you may find some of the tips below useful create the resort feel in your home.

Below are 5 areas homeowners can look into for a resort home:

1)  Colours

The choice of colour is important to the theme concept of the homes. It determines the feel of the surrounding walls which plays a huge role in your home. For a resort feel, homeowners can opt for pastel colours to portray a tranquility space.

2)  Ambiance

Getting the right ambiance is essential to your home. Lighting is able to create the effects such as cosy, sunny, airy or even romantic. Thus there are many types of lighting in the market for different usage. Homeowners may want to choose a lighting that gives breezy and airy lights to go well with a resort natural cooling feel.

3)  Furniture

There are plenty choices of furniture in the market, so how do homeowners go about choosing a furniture that goes well with the desired resort home theme? A resort usually have either a wood furniture or a wicker furniture which has the feel of holiday. By choosing a teak sofa furniture, homeowners can feel the sturdiness of the wood and also the touch of nature. While wicker furniture may light you up in an alfresco style.

4)  Wall Décor

As technology improves, painting is just another colour. Now, homeowners have the option to decorate their home with wall paper or wall cladding. Homeowners can now print the desired scene of either a beach, nature or Balinese wallpaper paper and stick onto your wall to increase the mood of a holiday in a resort. If homeowners prefer a 3D or protruding wall that seems realistic, there are wall claddings available in the market with different kinds of patterns.

5)  Flooring

A resort like home can have a wood alike design flooring. If homeowners would like to go for a more realistic touch, flooring with texture might be a good choice.

A resort is a place where one may feel relaxed to the serenity of the surroundings. With all the effort put in and checking of every single details of their home to make sure it is in place. All these decisions are to help create a place where they can call home and to retire into after a day out.

At HAUS Furnishing™, we have just one simple little goal.

The goal is that we want our customers to enjoy a good quality alfresco living lifestyle. And we will go all the way to do that.

Be it squeezing every ounce of our brain cell for more creative alfresco ideas, or sourcing for the best of the best material, or helping every single customer to optimise their limited living space for alfresco concept.

We will just keep on doing what is good for the customer and that is it!

HAUS Furnishing™ is also the official furniture solution for 2013 F1 Sky Grand Prix After Party, Brides Outdoor Wedding Show 2014  as well as for the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. HAUS is considered as one of the first to introduce the alfresco design concept in the Singapore market.

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