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Multiple living styles with Alfresco Living

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2014 16:11 +08

The taste for quality living has evolved over the years. Most homeowners today are concerned on how their living space can be transformed into personal and leisure space for living. Indeed, everyone would wish to have a unique nest of their choice that impresses their friends while fulfilling their living needs.

Resort Style Living

After a busy schedule, you would probably yearn fro a luxurious resting break in your personal nest. If that is what you are looking for, look no further. The alfresco resort style living is an ideal living concept for you. Why not consider teak furniture? Imagine the sight of having natural ray resting onto your teak furniture, unraveling the sight of the natural wood grain that is set to mesmerized wood lovers. To enrich your experience, you can feel the calming texture of the armrest. To complement your experience, do look out for high fiber density seat cushion that can provide a firmer resting feel for you!

Indoor Alfresco “chilling corner”

If you have frequent friends dropping by your house for a chilling session, alfresco furniture can blend and enhance the experience of your enjoyment with your friends. In the market, alfresco furniture has come in diverse functional use. You might be looking for a bar-top like structure furniture with multiple seats, often in synthetic wicker material. It is useful for a coffee or in house drinking session with your friends.

Likewise, such bar-top nature alfresco table with chairs can be a good venue to showcase your culinary skill. For a small gathering purpose, you can whip up a few dishes and let your friends having a taste of your cooking while having a fine drinking session. Revel in the moment and let alfresco furniture brings you into the mood and living concept.

Family fun time!

After all, your living space is created largely for your family time. Alfresco furniture has developed over time to meet the growing demands for alternative family living needs. Why not consider daybed. This is a popular choice for family members to gather together in a corner and have little fun activity. For example, you can have a story telling session with your kids on the daybed as they lie and roll on the bed, listening to your story tales. It can be an area where family comes together and play leisure games. It is sure to be a great corner to have quality family fun time together.

Igniting your excitement in living with alfresco concept today!

At HAUS Furnishing™, we have just one simple little goal.

The goal is that we want our customers to enjoy a good quality alfresco living lifestyle. And we will go all the way to do that.

Be it squeezing every ounce of our brain cell for more creative alfresco ideas, or sourcing for the best of the best material, or helping every single customer to optimise their limited living space for alfresco concept.

We will just keep on doing what is good for the customer and that is it!

HAUS Furnishing™ is also the official furniture sponsor for 2013 F1 Sky Grand Prix After Party and is considered as one of the first to introduce the alfresco design concept in the Singapore market.

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