Financial literacy for children is a breeze for media savvy Roslinda Mohd Solihin

News   •   Aug 16, 2018 13:24 +08

Educating young children on personal financial is difficult for many parents. But in discussing how to do that on Money FM 89.3, Roslinda Mohd Solihin, Head of Adoption Services and Senior Manager of Programmes at APKIM Resources and ACOSS, also showed off her media skills.

Eqhwan Mokhzanee keeps his cool despite being grilled

News   •   Aug 16, 2018 13:09 +08

Eqhwan Mokhzanee, CEO of AmBank Islamic had a lot to say when he was on The Breakfast Grille, BFM 89.9 with host Melisa Idris. In his broadcast interview, Eqhwan discussed his perspective on Islamic Finance (IF) and what it takes for Malaysia to remain competitive.

Is it really that unusual for the CEO to reply to LiveChat messages?

Blog posts   •   Aug 16, 2018 12:46 +08

What a cheeky comment! But yes, I do personally answer our website's LiveChat. Is it really that unusual?

Why Jimmy Kimmel cut Kanye West off when asking about Donald Trump

Blog posts   •   Aug 12, 2018 16:36 +08

The discussion over Kanye West's pregnant pause, when Jimmy Kimmel asked him about Donald Trump, is missing some important nuances. Worse, any camera-shy Asian business leader who watches West getting cut off will wonder whether they can still take time to think before answering questions, or if they should take part in live TV interviews at all.

Seven earnest observations in crisis communications

Blog posts   •   Aug 12, 2018 09:05 +08

In this guest blog, Hong Bao Media's crisis communications expert Patrick Nathan says reflects on seven observations worth sharing from meetings these past few months with a number of organisations, to talk about crisis management and crisis communications.

Calling senior business leaders who think their English isn't good enough to appear in the media

News   •   Aug 07, 2018 14:42 +08

One of the objections senior business leaders raise to appearing in the media is that their English is not good enough. But our shortlisted candidate for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018 this week disproves this - if not in person, then in the topic of her presentation.

Jerome Tan: How candid should you be in bankruptcy

News   •   Jul 31, 2018 13:25 +08

It's easy to say authenticity in media interviews is important - until you are a bankrupt. How candid should you be about your negatives. Jerome Tan, Founder of PIP Holdings, shows the way.

Can you tell what is wrong with this interview?

Blog posts   •   Jul 31, 2018 13:23 +08

In sifting through dozens of media interviews to find candidates for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards, we see both good media appearances, and those where there is room for improvement. Like this one.

Mayank Parekh: Setting standards for HR professionals ...and online interviews

News   •   Jul 16, 2018 05:55 +08

Mayank Parekh, CEO of Singapore's Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) explains the importance of building and professionalising the practice of workforce management - and in the process excels at his HRMTV interview.

Martin Khor: Keep calm and smile during doorstop interviews

News   •   Jul 16, 2018 05:55 +08

Martin Khor was doorstopped by reporters after meeting Malaysia's Council of Eminent Persons (CEP). But the Director of Penang-based non-profit research and advocacy organisation Third World Network set the pace for other local business leaders in dealing calmly with such high-pressure situations.

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