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Social Media is Word of Mouth Marketing. As Simple as That.

Press release   •   Mar 16, 2015 20:00 +08

Social media is modern day word of mouth marketing. It is as simple as that. It is about how business today interact and build strong relationship with their individual customers on social media.

It is not about one to many people, but it is about one to one.

Throw Away Mass Advertising Mindset

Dump Your Mass Advertising Mindset

If your business wants to do well on social media marketing in order to generate better profits and customer loyalty, then you should throw away any ‘inch’ of that mass advertising mindset.

Mass advertising basically is just an one-way communication traffic between the business and the mass consumers. Social media does not work in this manner. It requires the business to build a strong relationship with the individual customers through well-curated content, prompt handling of each customer’s feedback, as well as any little gesture to win the customers’ hearts.

Understanding the Customer is More Important



One of my readers had asked me this question:

“Why do so many businesses which advertise massively on social media, are not that successful at all? And why only a few succeed?”

My reply to him is that those businesses which are not successful is because they fail to understand the customer. Whereas those few businesses that are successful is because they understand that the customers are their only focus.

3 Things Why Some Business Failed on Social Media Marketing



Here are three similarities which you can find on businesses that are unsuccessful on social media:

Firstly, their business are always the prime focus than their customers. Their social media content is all about themselves without relating to the targeted customers.

Secondly, they treat customers like numbers. They will get as many followers or fans as possible; and then blast them with discounts and promotion offers. Social media to these businesses is merely an advertisement bulletin board than a platform to really understand the customers.

Thirdly, they do not treat customers’ feedback seriously. Many businesses that failed on social media is because most of them took the customers’ feedback for granted. They need to realise one thing, that the customers today are also the ones that can control the brands, other than themselves.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Effect

Umm, Hello.

Umm… Hello?

In order for your business to be successful on social media marketing, you need to focus on creating positive word of mouth marketing effect.

Word of mouth marketing is the oldest but the most effective marketing tool. With social media, the impact of word of mouth marketing is greatly amplified. Every customer has the ability to market your brand to hundreds and even thousands of friends within a matter of seconds. So, we need to treat every single individual customer well. It is as simple as that.

Build a strong social media team that is good enough to handle customer relationships, manage public communications and most of all, have good emotional quotient (EQ). For one-man or one-woman business owner, you may need to spend even more time in building the relationships with your customers. Even for companies with employees that are not involved in marketing or PR, these employees also need to exemplify great customer stewardship in their course of work. This is because anyone in your company can be the subject of word of mouth marketing from the customers.

Here’s a Takeaway

From marketing strategy expert

Well, all customers or human beings have emotion, mood and different kinds of character. It is not so easy to win customers’ loyalty today, but it is not so difficult as well. All you need is to make that little effort to make sure that your customers are happy such that they will share that happy experience with their family and friends through word of mouth marketing on social media! All the best to you!

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