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NABS 2018: DIGITALNORWAY: “Digital Technology Will Change the Way We Do Business”

News   •   Mar 23, 2018 14:33 +08

DIGITALNORWAY: “Digital Technology Will Change the Way We Do Business”

16-18 April 2018, the seventh edition of the Norway-Asia Business Summit (NABS) takes place in Singapore. 


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Chief Executive Officer of DIGITALNORWAY - Toppindustrisenteret, Mr Tor Olav Mørseth, will discuss digitalisation during the Summit under the headline “Digitalising everything – a matter of survival?”. Mr Mørseth sees the Summit as a chance to learn more about the potential for both trade and knowledge exchanges between Asia and Norway, and encourages companies to move from long-term planning to experimentation.

Five questions for Mr Tor Olav Mørseth, Chief Executive Officer, DigitalNorway:

1.Why do you choose to participate in the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2018?

Asia is both a big source of inspiration and a potential market for Norwegian businesses. Unfortunately, I believe the potential for both trade and knowledge exchanges is far from being tapped today. Therefore, I see this as a chance to learn more about how we may work with this in the future.

2.What are your thoughts on the quote “Digitalising everything – a matter of survival”?

Digital technologies are enablers that offers opportunities to change the way we do business – both in terms of cutting costs and increasing efficiency, but also in terms of developing new products, services and markets. If we do not seize these opportunities ourselves, we can be sure someone else does. Therefore, it becomes a matter of survival. When it does so, however, varies across industries. Some have more time than others, but that is not necessarily an argument to sit tight and do nothing.

3.What is DIGITALNORWAY’s role in the digitalisation process of Norwegian companies?

Our aim is to increase competitiveness across the Norwegian eco system. To do that, we build a community for sharing knowledge and competencies across companies and across industries. We also build a service portfolio that helps small and medium sized enterprises with an easy and cost-efficient solution to get started with digitalization. In addition to this, we orchestrate industry-wide transformations, something I look forward to explain in closer detail.

4.What do you hope get out of the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2018?

Singapore and Norway are two countries who both lead the way in the digital transformation. I look forward to learn more about Singapore and to learn from peers from all over Asia.

5.What are the biggest challenges faced by bilateral companies in this digital age?

I think all companies face some of the same challenges. With rapid change and high uncertainty, the old way of working does not necessarily work any longer. We have to move from long-term planning to experimentation. That is a leap into uncertainty that requires a shift of mindset from both top executives, lower level managers and employees on all levels.

The Norway-Asia Business summit is a joint effort by “Team Norway” in Asia, i.e., the Norwegian Embassies, Innovation Norway, the Seafood Council and the business associations and chambers in the respective countries. We welcome all businesses and news agencies in the Asia region who are interested in attending the summit.

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