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Turn your boring traditional posters into smart posters with NFC!

Blog post   •   Nov 14, 2011 11:36 +08

Let’s face it. Print marketing is dead!

Advertising companies are approaching businesses to sell advertising space in shopping malls, preaching the advantage of displaying posters in high traffic locations and the low cost per thousand impression.

Truth be told, as a marketers we have no way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing posters. Accumulating thousands of impressions is useless if there’s no way for us to measure how many of them actually convert into sales. For all you know, the thousands of dollars thrown into your marketing posters may only be contributing to 1% of your revenue.

Making your posters smart

If you haven’t notice, Near-Field Communication (NFC) marketing and smart posters are getting ready to enter the marketing world. NFC allows to connect the real world online and vice-versa. In the real world, NFC uses proximity activation to provide interactivity features of online marketing techniques.

Imagine the use of a smart poster for a new movie outside a cinema that allows people to scan with their NFC-enabled phones to watch a trailer of the movie on YouTube? Been there, done that!

The promotion for X-Men First Class in London was based on the distribution of smart posters. The photo on the right shows how movie buffs can use their NFC-enable phones to download an exclusive trailer of the movie.

Smart posters makes your marketing strategy measurable

Smart posters are more effective than your run-of-the-mill posters because they provide tracking statistics to help you analyse your marketing campaigns and determine how successful your campaign is. With proven statistics, you can also convince your stakeholders of the good job you have done and how you can improve further in the next campaign.

Create a word-of-mouth marketing effect

You can also bring your marketing campaigns online with NFC by allowing your target audience who scan your smart posters with NFC to not only download contents, but also share them on their social media networks, spreading the word about your campaign to their friends.

Smart posters are ready, but only for events

While smart posters make lots of sense to marketers, customers are not ready for them yet, at least not on a grand scale. The main reason is because that there are very few NFC-enabled phones available in the market today. Smart posters are only useful in events where your target audience are given a NFC device to use with smart posters.

This is where Poken Island can provide a complete solutions to clients. In events, participants are distributed with a branded pokenSPARK or pokenPULSE which they use as a social business card to network among one another. Smart posters are created with our pokenTAG technology to allow participants to  download contents with their pokens.

Making smart posters with pokenTAGs

It’s very simple. All they have to do is to create a poster and allocate a space within the poster to paste the pokenTAG. We will set up the pokenTAG with the content to be downloaded and extract the statistics on the number of downloads and the particulars of participants who downloaded the content.

With the extracted participant details, our clients can also follow up with participants much easily because they now know what are the products and services that their participants are interested in. Converting participants into actual customers becomes easier.

Making your next event a poken-enabled event

If you are interested to make your next event a Poken-enabled event, please contact our consultants to find out more. With an evangelist approach, our consultants will participate in your planning process to create a mechanism to fully utilize the capabilities of Poken in your event.

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