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Let the show begin: ERC Institute launches ACT Academy and its Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Acting programmes

Press Release   •   Sep 02, 2014 12:03 +08

Singapore, 2 September 2014ERC Institute announces the launch of ACT Academy with a brand new Diploma in Acting programme, which will commence in September this year.

None other than renowned Singapore film producer Daniel Yun will lead ACT Academy after having built up an impressive career as producer, presenter and previously Managing Director for MediaCorp Raintree Pictures. Under his reign, over 30 films were released including the box office hits I Not Stupid, The Eye, The Maid, 881, Painted Skin, etc. He will be starting his production for the SG50 film, 1965, commemorating fifty years of independence in Singapore.

Daniel was inspired to set up ACT Academy at ERC Institute as he strongly feels that nothing beats nurturing one’s inborn talent and flair for acting through education in a real setting. ACT Academy actually immerses the student in a real situation, such as real auditions and networking sessions. The Diploma in Acting has been carefully crafted to nurture acting skills through these authentic settings. This is an entirely different approach, as compared to other programmes already available in the market.

“Students will also get to contest in a reality show with real audiences and judges from the industry, for which ACT Academy is partnering with industry players,” says Daniel.

“This school is dedicated to aspiring actors. The inspiration behind setting up this school is that I want to share what the nuts and bolts of good acting really are and groom talent by exposing them to real life experiences shared by the industry’s best. Over my film making years, I have come to realise that fine acting skills come with proper practice and environment. Students from this course will not only learn and practice but put in real life situations to further fine tune their skills.”

According to Daniel, ACT Academy provides that conducive environment to its students.

Its industry modules like Real Auditions, allows students to join real auditions with a possibility of having an eventual acting role in TV or film. Students will also get to work with peers to act in a short film in the Acting Showcase module.

Another of its modules is called Networking. In this module, the students will meet the who’s who in the entertainment industry through the already established networking sessions within the film-making fraternity.

In other words, students enrolled in this programme will be exposed to rubbing shoulders with stars and celebrities while learning.

It doesn’t end there. Industry practitioners like Peter Chan, Yuan Woo-Ping and Tony Ayres (who are also advisors to the programme) will act as the interface between ACT Academy and the industry.

“These are the golden opportunities that ACT Academy will provide to its students, something most students get only upon graduating an acting course in other institutions,” emphasized Daniel.

“We cannot guarantee any student a role in a movie. We can guarantee a student a chance. A chance to a real audition. Whether they get the role depends on them. A chance to network with industry players. Whether they make a good impression is again up to them. A chance to act in real content, a short film, a corporate video, and other online content. A chance to experience being in a reality show, to experience the competition, being criticised by industry experts, being praised by industry experts, getting into the next round, being booted out,” stressed Daniel.

“There can be no better platform than having well-established actors themselves come forward to share their expertise and tricks of the trade in a more engaging and upfront manner” states Daniel. “This is a school conceptualised by the practitioners and run by them.”

The Diploma in Acting spreads over a period of 13 months:

The modules for the programme include: Voice of Acting, Elements of Singing, Fundamentals of Wushu, Dance – Jazz & Broadway, Film Appreciation, Acting Methods, Acting for Camera and Audition Techniques. To make the course even more distinctive and distinguished, ACT Academy is signing up with various production houses as well as established, well-known local and foreign actors.

In addition, there will be four industry modules, whereby students get the opportunity to experience the industry for real, namely Networking, Real Auditions, Acting Showcase and the Reality Show.

ACT Academy is also taking a bold step by sharing expert opinion to the mass public. Daniel and his team are looking at hosting regular industry forums. Local and international industry thought leaders and experts will be invited to these forums to  share insights and their thoughts on acting. Topics such as technology and social media that have revolutionised the film-making industry will also be discussed at this platform.

Commencing on 15 September, interested students who have completed at least their GCE ‘O’ levels are welcomed to apply for the Diploma in Acting. Overseas students keen to pursue their career in acting can also apply for this course.

For more information, go to:

After completion of the Diploma course, interested students will be eligible for entry

into the Advanced Diploma in Actingprogramme, which will intensify their learning

and exposure to the industry.

Candidates for either curriculum would have to pass a relevant audition or interview

with the director of the academy, Mr Daniel Yun.

About ACT Academy

ACT Academy @ ERC Institute is a school dedicated to aspiring actors. With an important difference. Its curriculum immerses an actor student with as much industry experience as the theory, if not more. The course offers a one-year diploma and a second-year advanced diploma.

ACT Academy @ ERC Institute is a school conceptualised by practitioners, and run by practitioners and academics. The vision of ACT Academy is to be the premier and renowned acting school in the region, known for its experiential curriculum and syllabus with real industry interface. Our mission is to turn a student into an apprentice; to be more than a student, to be a part of the workforce. ACT Academy @ ERC Institute is an acting school not unlike a distinguished actor. An actor with something special that others talk about. It is this X factor that will help our aspiring actors become the artist that only he or she can be.

About ERCI

ERC Institute (ERCI) was established in 2003 by ERC Holdings (ERC) to provide educationwith a difference and raise the bar in education services in Singapore.  ERC Holdings  was founded by a group of successful Asian entrepreneurs in 1999 to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial culture in Asia.

Our primary objective is to groom and mentor a new generation of business leaders equipped with skills to analyze and solve real world business challenges of today.

To date, more than 10,000 students have graduated from ERCI. We have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Our hands on, market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyze and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classrooms.

About Precious Communications

Our focus is on Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Reputation Management and Social Media. Combining a clear business-oriented approach with a focus on measurable results, our network of experts helps brands tell their story and tie directly into their overall communications objectives.

We are run out of Singapore and serve clients in Asia Pacific and beyond through our strong links to Europe and North America.

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