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Tips For Wine Storage

Blog post   •   Sep 01, 2014 09:30 +08

Wines are great for people who know how to store them properly. Any wine aficionado is aware of this golden rule about wines: the older, the better. They are conserved under perfect storing conditions and opened on special occasions. So, if you are a wine lover or a restaurant owner who need to preserve their wines for long periods, these wine storage tips can help you ensure that your wines are preserved for better times.

There are many types of wines and the temperature suited for all types of wines is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Temperature below this will “cook” the wine, making it flat in its taste and flavour. The ideal temperature for wine storage is considered to be 13 degrees Celsius. If you are a wine collector, then renting a wine self storage in Singapore is a viable option. These storage units maintain the ideal temperature needed for storing all types of wines.

A wine needs to have a humid weather so that it ages perfectly. The humidity level of wine storage unit should be maintained at 70 percent for the ageing process to be perfect. If the atmosphere of the room is dry, the bottle cork will run dry and allow air to enter the bottle spoiling the wine.

When storing wine, always remember to keep it in a horizontal position. This rule is important to remember as the cork needs to be humid and with no chances of it running dry. If the bottle cork is not fitted properly, then your wine can face premature oxidation. Wines should also not be disturbed and kept in the same position. It is preferred to use slide-out shelving to access your wine bottles without much disturbance to the other bottles.

So, follow these tips and store your wines to make them last longer and taste better with time.

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