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eBooks now and tomorrow

News   •   Oct 30, 2012 09:44 +08

Two of our more recent blog posts have taken a look at the eBook industry.

- What are the Barriers to building an eBook Collection?

- 7 essential ingredients for the future of eBooks

The first gives a snapshot of the three main issues we know libraries face when developing an eBook program. These problems aren’t new, but they are still left unresolved due to the relatively fragmented industry. You can read the article in full here, or review some quick points below:

- Licensing – in terms of acquisitions of eBooks, licensing information is usually found with the publisher. This is a problem when you have to go to 100s of publishers to tick everything off your eBook shopping list. eBooks in Swetswise aggregates licensing details from all publishers we deal with so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

- User power – patron-driven acquisition is fast becoming a hot trend in eBook acquisition, often reducing the need for library staff intervention (time) and the purchase of eBooks that will never get used (cost). eBooks in Swetswise fully supports PDA acquisitions, and allows you to let your faculty decide! We also support traditional ways to purchase eBooks.

- Administration – as Licensing above, billing and fulfillment are huge areas of wasted resources when different content is individually sourced from multiple vendors. Swets gives you one point of contact for your entire order; you get one account, one bill, and it’s already built into Swetswise, right next to your journals and other Swetswise products.

The second post widens the scope and looks at seven concepts associated with eBooks and explores what the future may hold for the industry to make everyone’s lives easier.

eBooks via Swets
Swets offers you a catalog of more than one million eBook titles and collections, from many of the world’s leading eBook publishers and aggregators. It is the largest one-stop shop of eBook publishers and aggregators available in the industry. Ordering eBooks via Swets enables you to:

• Quickly locate the eBooks you need, accessible 24/7

• Compare vendor pricing and features title by title across publishers and aggregators

• Choose the purchasing option that suits your budget. Popular acquisition models include:

Take a peek at our eBooks offering here or request a consultation

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