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Get results in a heartbeat with SwetsWise Medical Searcher

News   •   Nov 04, 2011 09:38 +08

Point of Care services are imperative to the success of healthcare professionals in a technology driven market. SwetsWise Medical Searcher provides unique access to a selection of the world’s leading medical resource repositories, enabling an unparalleled search experience. This easy-to-use, efficient search engine simultaneously searches all of your electronic resources, no matter where they are hosted.

SwetsWise Medical Searcher makes it easy to locate the most timely, relevant information available in your selected sources and is flexible enough to be accessible from almost any mobile device or computer, making it possible for real-time research in the same environment as the patient. This can reduce time spent on follow up appointments and post-shift research while providing patients with faster responses and quicker care, which is especially important in critical care situations.

SwetsWise Medical Searcher is exclusively available for medical institutes and organizations. It comes packed with a broad selection of specially chosen medical connectors at a very attractive price. Join our free webinar to learn how SwetsWise Medical Searcher can work for you.

SwetsWise Medical Searcher is built using the same powerful functionality as SwetsWise Searcher, our pioneering next-generation federated search engine. If you would like to discover how SwetsWise Searcher can help improve the research environment within your institution, drive up the usage of your collection and increase its overall value, visit our website for further information.

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