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Wider scope. Deeper focus. SwetsWise Selection Support adds 190th usage data platform.

News   •   Oct 31, 2012 13:12 +08

SwetsWise Selection Support has recently expanded the range of usage platforms it automatically harvests data from to 190, further cementing its position as the most complete evaluation and analysis tool currently available for making collection development decisions. SwetsWise Selection Support can assist you with the validation and analysis of content with COUNTER-compliant usage reports, along with price, price-per-use and impact factor data.

The tool is all encompassing; usage can be collected whether you purchase the content from Swets or elsewhere. It can be collected whether or not the platform is SUSHI enabled and it can be collected from both COUNTER and non-COUNTER platforms. Swets understands your need to consolidate usage. Automatically harvesting data from 190 platforms will eliminate the need for time consuming manual collection and affords you the time and resources to focus on a more complete evaluation of your collection.

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