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Webstagram Gives Instagram Users Control Over Photo Updates

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2012 18:10 +08

With an Instagram community of over 80 million and around four billion photos being shared, Instagram users can find it difficult to control what they see on their feeds.    

Due to some feedback from Instagram users, Webstagram created the e-mail subscription feature to make it easier to receive updates about recently uploaded photos from selected users. (

The Webstagram feature is useful for keeping up with favorite feeds during events such as the Olympics, following favorite celebrities and brands, or staying in touch with friends despite a cluttered feed page.   

Webstagram’s Follow feature allows an Instagram user to choose whose photos to view from his or her feed, but the subscription button further ensures that not a single photo will be missed.

A user who wishes to subscribe can simply click the “subscription” button on the Webstagram user page and provide an e-mail address.

A subscriber also has control over how frequent he or she will receive updates via e-mail.

After providing an e-mail address, the user can choose to receive updates by hours - every hour, three hours, six hours, or 12 hours and by days - every day, two days, or three days.

While the first e-mail that a subscriber receives includes the user's 20 most recently uploaded photos, the following e-mails will include photos uploaded within the chosen time interval.

The subscription button is one of the several features Webstagram has created in the last month. It follows the newly created Webstagram Forum ( and Webstagram tools for blogs and websites, such as the Follow Me button and Instagram Gallery ( 

Webstagram, which now receives almost 100 million page views per month, is well known for its wide range of functional tools for Instagram users who view photos and interact with each other on the web browser. 

Webstagram is an Instagram website viewer developed by A-FIS PTE LTD, who is also responsible for creating the search and direct messaging features for Instagram called Search.Stagram and DM.stagram respectively. A-FIS PTE LTD is a Singapore-based web-developing company founded in August 2011. 

For more information, contact info(at)stagram(dot)com or visit the website at and Facebook page at

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