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From Baby Steps to Flying First Class

Blog post   •   Mar 06, 2018 13:24 EET

Simple - Affordable - Effective

Hi, my name is Smart Break and I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

Two years ago I was brought into this world to be the savior for sedentary workers at Raisoft. I did such a great job that my parents (Raisoft), decided to use me for helping others. Hence my dominance in getting the job done for those who acquire my assistance.

You see, before my conception, Raisoft had a good social bonding in the office but the employees had some joint and posture problems that just wouldn’t let up. Then the front office humans thought it would be a good idea to use some different stretching and workout equipment to tackle the problems they faced. Well, this didn’t really catch on and wasn’t that successful. Then they had a wonderful idea to hire a physiotherapist to create a program specialized for these problems.

Smart Break - Your Workplace Wellness Solution from Smart Break on Vimeo.

That is when they realized that a software could help in carrying out these programs so that the employees can visually see what is needed to be done. Then, boom, I entered the world. And boy was I a breath of fresh air. Some of the movements that I provide can put some shy workers on the edge of their seat. But that helped the office at Raisoft bring everyone even closer together. It became not only a workout break but also a social bonding break before they had coffee. So now technically i’m a therapist, I should charge double right🤔😃? Anyways, I knew that what I had worked and was liked by the company which made me feel really important to the company and I thought I was ready to spread my wings and help others.

So…..I became a product of Raisoft, I really did it, I AM A PRODUCT! I have been growing and growing for some time and I really enjoy the amount of people that put in the workouts that is provided, tastes delish. I think the employees also really enjoy that I like to reward them with praise and every month or every two months reward them with an even bigger prize for completing the exercises. Of course the companies can cover the prizes seeing as I don’t actually have any money, but if I did have some I would still cough it up for them.

Since I started doing so well in my native land Finland, I have been sent to Sweden and started making some good friends there as well. Good thing Kokkola has duel language in the city, Swedish and Finnish. I am very fluent in both. I have been learning my English and am very good at it because I need to be after being told I will get to travel to some other countries to make friends. I can’t wait, I was told I would get to go to a place called England soon. Very excited, not really sure what they have there but I know they speak English there and play a great game called football. I am not sure how I can dominate at football there, I heard there is a really great thing called Manchester United FC there and i’m sure I am no match. But I am very excited to see what England has to offer other than speaking English.

Then I heard about a conference that Raisoft is taking me to in New Orleans and that has me really in a tizzy. Wow! Another place that speaks English! What are the odds, get it…..that’s a little software humor. So my journey is starting to take flight and I just wanted everyone know that my friends Johan and Lawrence have been taking good care of me and lets hope my journey will be a long one!!

Have a solid week!! And if you don’t take Smart Breaks, byte me…….boom, another software joke!

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