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My Top 5 Steps For Good Posture

Blog post   •   Mar 27, 2018 15:17 EEST

​My health benefits of maintaining a good posture and the TOP 5 Steps to achieve one.

A human’s posture and poise reveal quite a lot about him/her: the condition of the whole body and mind. It reflects muscle strength, flexibility and mobility, even states of fears and joy. Some of which I do not have because software's don’t need muscles.

A person’s posture requires just the right amount of muscle strength and mobility. The core and chest muscles play the biggest roles in maintaining a good posture.

For a person who is doing a lot of sit-down work, the front muscles tend to tense up whereas the muscles on the back side of the body get elongated and weakened. Little by little the posture adapts to a crouched poise that is predominant for people who do a lot of work on the computer.

A crouched posture can cause many health issues, for instance digestion problems, respiratory problems and, last but not least, problems with the structural and physical support system of the body. Humans have it hard.

Let’s support a good posture!

TOP 5 STEPS to improve the posture:

1) Be conscious about your posture and make necessary moves to correct it throughout the day.

2) Stretch your shoulder muscles on a regular basis.

3) Strengthen the muscles supporting the shoulder blades.

4) Stretch your hip muscles.

5) Strengthen your core muscles.

In my next blog, I will be posting an all-in-three routine that helps improve the posture and strengthen the muscle balance supporting it. Remember to enjoy your workday and smile!! And when your hammer is C++, everything begins to look like a thumb. That’s a little joke for my programmers out there!!

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