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Next stop, Helsinki!

Blog post   •   Mar 06, 2018 22:31 EET

Lawrence Smith blog about Smart Break journey.

New week, new challenges to conjure up.

This week was a learning experience for Smart Break and I in that we traveled to Helsinki to meet with TEAM Finland. This opportunity will open several doors for us in the USA. TEAM Finland specializes in helping Finnish companies reach more international markets. Seeing as we want to make our stance in the US market, we knew this meeting would generate a fresh way of looking at things.

I have had ZERO experience in doing business abroad or in Finland for that matter prior to this meeting, so needless to say I was a finger gun shooting firecracker in this meeting! No, in all seriousness it was a new experience for me that I was glad to be a part of. Poor Johan (my mentor/boss), did most of the talking about Raisoft, I know very little about this great company that hired me. Whoops 🙄. But I do know about Smart Break and I know what the market is like and who the competitors are 😎. Is that enough? Ummmm no. It turns out lawyers and tax “people”, would be helpful to have on retainer. Jk guys I knew this from the get go. This meeting was exactly what we needed to give us more of a direction on how we want to approach the US.


The day started out with a ride to the train station from Johan and his lovely wife, who might have thought I would have been a bit late seeing as I played a friendly joke on him. I told him I would be there on time, hour after the train leaves, haha classic joke from me. The train ride was easy and breezy. Cup of coffee and some emails to answer with a short session to talk about the meeting and we were off!!

The TEAM Finland building was pretty amazing and turns out was originally built for Nokia, but they decided to pass on this beautiful building, good news for the TEAM Finland. The meeting was with Jukka (Salmon)vuo and Val Kratz(mies) 😀 from TEAM Finland and we did some brainstorming, yadda yadda yadda and then it was over. We are leaving this meeting enlightened and informed of steps we will need take for the future.

After grabbing a quick bite at the local pizza place (I mean fruit shop that is really healthy and nourishing), we took the metro to the train station to get back to the lovely city of Kokkola. I can always count on Helsinki being a great host when visiting. There is nothing better than 100 mph frigid wind whipping around your face and ears to really let you know that you are welcome. Lovely place. So I am guessing since I went to Helsinki for a 1.5 hour meeting I will get tomorrow off, right? Well I am sure they will be impressed with my work ethic by showing up anyway to work hard tomorrow!! I’m all about that grit!

Thinking of grit, have you ever had Hominy Grill’s shrimp and grits in Charleston SC, fantastic. Now I can’t wait to get to New Orleans for the Collision Conference. Raisoft might have to keep a tracking device on me when we get there with all the restaurants there. I’m sure my coach will appreciate all the bulking up that will take place for the start of the new season. I might have to double down on the Smart Breaks there! Have a great week and remember to keep it simple, unless you are creating a new password, then don’t do that!

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