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Press Release   •   Jul 27, 2009 18:40 CEST

In 1955, the company decided to use the SONY logo on Totsuko products and three years later changed its name to Sony Corporation. Two concepts were combined to create the name 'Sony'. One was the Latin word 'sonus' which is the root of words such as 'sound' and 'sonic'. The other was 'sonny boy,' a popular expression used in Japan at the time to describe a young person with a free and pioneering spirit. The new name perfectly captured the mood of the company as a group of young people with the energy and passion for unlimited creation.

Since the company was established over 60 years ago, it has grown from 20 employees to almost 160,000 people around the world.

Sony has always been an international company. Akio Morita recognised from the beginning that his company needed to regard the whole world as its marketplace and was careful not to restrict activities to Japan alone. He also insisted that the Sony name be prominent on all company products and materials to maximise the power of the brand.

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