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Customers’ Needs Drive Expansion In Rechargeable Battery Range

Press Release   •   Sep 14, 2010 10:00 CEST

Sony has developed new rechargeable Cycle Energy batteries to provide its customers with the right battery for a range of applications. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Cycle Energy batteries have differing characteristics, allowing people to select the best one for the job. 

The range divides into Multi-Use and High Capacity models under same name Cycle Energy

Multi-Use batteries are the ideal alternative to conventional alkaline batteries and perform well in any appliance. For complete convenience, they are sold pre-charged and ready for immediate use.

High Capacity batteries are suitable for high drain devices such as digital cameras and can keep running for significantly extended periods. This can mean up to 5.5x more photos per charge compared to conventional batteries.

With a typical life span of 1000 recharges, Cycle Energy Multi-Use technology offers an environmentally responsible alternative to standard alkaline batteries. 

Every Cycle Energy Multi-Use battery purchased means 1000 fewer alkaline batteries thrown away.

Cycle Energy High Capacity

Specially designed for power-hungry devices, Cycle Energy High Capacity batteries have exceptional charge capacity. Cameras, camcorders, children’s toys and torches are among the many devices that work best and longest with High Capacity batteries. 

All Cycle Energy batteries and chargers are presented in new recycling-friendly packaging which is smaller and lighter than ever for improved in shop visibility and transport efficiency.