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Many recognitions at Nordbygg - five great prizes awarded

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2018 12:39 GMT

“New view on plastics”: Magnus Huss, association director at IKEM – Innovations och kemiindustrierna, presented the prize ”New view on plastics” to architecture students Tobias Jansson and Oscar Forsman, Umeå Arkitekthögskola (Umeå Architect College)

Thursday evening was the time for the big awards at Nordbygg. Five great prizes within construction and housing were awarded on the big stage in the entrance hall of Stockholmsmässan. One of the presenters was the Secretary of Housing and Digitalisation, Peter Eriksson, and one of the winners was the hockey legend and property owner, Peter Forsberg. And the Nordbygg Gold Medal was awarded to the company Operose, for work trousers for pregnant builders.

The first prize to be awarded was “New view on plastics”. This prize is awarded to architect students, and for every fair the idea is to design a café in a certain material. The winning contribution is then built in full scale at Nordbygg. The competition is an initiative from Nordbygg in cooperation with Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects of Sweden).

The winner this year was Tobias Jansson and Oscar Forsman, Umeå Arkitekthögskola (Umeå Architectural College), and their draft ”Paviljong!” (Pavilion). According to the jury, they have solved the task in the best way – creating an innovative, resilient, exciting and unexpected meeting with plastics, expressed in a functioning café environment at Nordbygg 2018 in Stockholm.

The Secretary presented Stora inneklimatpriset (the Great Indoor Climate Prize)

Stora Inneklimatpriset: Örjan Martelleur, CEO at MidDec Scandinavia, accepted Stora Inneklimatpriset from Secretary of Housing and Digitalisation, Peter Eriksson.

Stora Inneklimatpriset aims at increasing the interest in indoor climate technology, strengthen its position and acknowledging technology which promotes a sound indoor climate in energy-efficient buildings.
This year’s prize was awarded to MidDec Scandinavia, for their new sensor for measuring radon in indoor air.

”Foppa” accepted Glaspriset (the Glass Award)

Glaspriset: Peter ”Foppa” Forsberg and his team were presented with this year’s glass award for the project ”Umestan 12”.

Glasbranschföreningen (the Glass Industry Association) presented Glaspriset 2018 to the best glass building in Sweden. The prise is awarded to architects and property owners, as well as glass and metal contractors. The assessment is made based on the criteria architecture – function - innovation.
This year’s prize went to “Umestan 12” – the new office building in Umeå, built with double glass façades – a shining new landmark in the city.
The award was accepted by the developer Peter “Foppa” Forsberg – hockey legendary and owner of the property company Lerstenen – and the whole team behind the project.

Culture Crafts Scholarships to masons

Culture Craft Scholarship: Jan Ohlström, Uppsala, and Håkan Fritz, Kumla, were two of the four masons who were presented with this year’s Cultural Craft Scholarship.

The Reinhold Gustafsson Foundation under Murmestare Embetet (the Masonry Office) in Stockholm as well as Sveriges Murnings- och Putsentreprenörförening (Sweden’s Masonry and Plasters Association), SPEF, presented the Culture Crafts Scholarship to masons.

Nordbygg Gold Medal to work trousers for pregnant women

The Gold Medal:CEO of Operose, Johanna Söderström, accepted the Nordbygg Gold Medal 2018 for the company’s work trousers for pregnant builders. -Great fun, revolutionary and important! Those were Johanna’s three spontaneous words when she was presented with the award.

”Rosmari” – work trousers for pregnant women from the company Operose. That is the winner of the Nordbygg Gold Medal for the best new product of the year 2018. Operose has designed several types of work clothes for women in the construction industry. With the new trousers for pregnant construction workers and painters, the range has had a pressing addition that won the gold medal convincingly.

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