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ADAPT Colibri – Demand controlled ventilation with extra everything

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2012 07:00 GMT

ADAPT Colibri is an already well-known product in the Swegon series ADAPT with active communicative diffusers.

ADAPT Colibri has a combined diffuser and commissioning box with built-in WISE control and motorized damper. Thanks to a new and uniquely integrated damper you receive the exact airflow needed at the same time as a custom designed brush sealing ensures that ADAPT Colibri can handle high pressure drops without encountering problems with noise. The construction also enables handling of higher flow capacities, between 45% and 90% higher capacity compared to previous performance.

The ability to manage higher pressure drops also makes it easier to combine ADAPT Colibri in systems where airborne conditioning is mixed with waterborne, for instance through climate modules or beams, generally working with higher duct pressure. The improved ability to handle pressure drops also makes the product more robust with ability to handle the rigors of systems that are not ideally designed, for example very long ducts.

ADAPT Colibri has a built in control communicating with other systems through Modbus RTU-protocol and is part of Swegons WISE-system for demand controlled ventilation.Mats Berglund, Product Manager at Swegon explains; - “This makes it very easy to connect with other products on room-, zone- and system level. Additionally, installation is simple, you get a very good overview of the operation and it implies energy saving system optimization, all with plug n’ play.


Swegon AB is a company in the Latour group and delivers well thought-out and holistic system solutions that create a good indoor climate, which highly contributes to saving energy.

The Swegon company group has 1350  employees and the turnover is 320 MEUR.

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