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COOL DX Top – new advantages, simple as always

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2013 08:31 GMT

Swegon, market leading producer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation and climate systems and the largest wholly owned company in Investment AB Latour, presents COOL DX Top. COOL DX Top is a unique addition to the product series COOL DX, chillers for GOLD RX Top, Swegon’s top connected air handling units with rotary heat exchanger. As simple as always, but with several new advantages.

For Swegon’s series GOLD RX air handling units there is an existing customized chiller series, COOL DX, composing a combination of products with simplicity as keyword. The products are easily docked together, but they do not only fit perfectly together physically, the chiller is also easily connected via a communications cable directly to GOLD RX’s controls system. Swegon’s Product Manager for the GOLD family, Mikael Börjesson, explains:  -“This means plug and play for scores of smart integrated functions, built-in web access and the possibility to connect the products to a higher level building management system. And since no separate condensing unit is needed and the cooling system is pre-filled from the factory, you could even call it ‘all inclusive’”.

As the COOL DX series is expanded, it is done so through new versions customized for Swegon’s top connected air handling units, series GOLD RX Top. The new chillers have quite logically been named COOL DX Top, and they have all the advantages of the existing COOL DX, but also some important news.

The way the COOL DX Top is designed it facilitates cooling recovery, thanks to the cooling coil location in relation to the heat exchanger. This function is included as standard and means valuable energy savings, with the EER showing an increase of about 4,5%.  Furthermore, the COOL DX Top is equipped with a 3-step compressor solution for adjustable cooling production and minimized energy consumption.

The top connection of the air ducts also means significant space savings. The combination of GOLD RX Top and COOL DX Top means that the physical footprint of the product is reduced and leaves floor space free for other, revenue generating, operations. Top connected units may also be a good tip for projects where space is extremely limited, and where horizontal duct connections may be hard to fit. In other words, this is an excellent addition to the existing Swegon product range.

COOL DX Top is available with a cooling output of 6 – 22 kW, for GOLD RX Top units sizes 04 – 12.

Swegon AB is a company in the Latour group and delivers well thought-out and holistic system solutions that create a good indoor climate, which highly contributes to saving energy.

Including international sales subsidiaries, Swegon currently employs 1350 staff and the annual turnover is approximately MEUR 320. Swegon has 16 sales offices in Sweden. The export sales are substantial and handled through the Groups sales companies in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Great Britain, US, China and India and to other countries through retail dealers. The company has 6 production units in Sweden, Finland, Italy and India.

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