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NESTOR – brings multitasking to a new level

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2012 07:37 GMT

Swegon, market leading producer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation and climate systems and the largest wholly owned company in Investment AB Latour, presents NESTOR, a new communication portal for all intelligent Swegon products in the building.  

Swegon is known for their high quality physical products for indoor climate, such as air handling units, air diffusers and climate beams as well as for being the innovators when it comes to well integrated solutions for climate control.

Now, a new level is added into Swegon’s systems thinking. Diffusers and other room products are already easily connected on to zone level and further on to central air handling units and control units. NESTOR makes it possible to expand this simple systems thinking into larger systems. All this to create energy efficient and economical overall solutions without time and money being spent in every project creating a unique control system.

NESTOR creates a joint portal to which, for example a Swegon reversible chiller for heating and cooling production and up to 8 Swegon GOLD air handling units and 8 Super-WISE units for demand controlled ventilation, can be connected. This enables an outstanding overview, with controls and alarms synoptically produced and easily accessible for the entire climate system, while allowing a simplified connection to an external BMS platform for anyone wanting further integration into other building functions.

Swegon AB is a company in the Latour group and delivers well thought-out and holistic system solutions that create a good indoor climate, which highly contributes to saving energy.

The Swegon company group has 1350  employees and the turnover is 320 MEUR.

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