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Tanita rocks planet’s largest body-lifting show with world beating body composition monitors

Press Release   •   Apr 12, 2018 08:26 GMT

The Tanita MC980 Plus is a complete stand-alone monitoring and software package for hospitals, clinics, fitness centres and other fitness businesses.

Cologne, Germany, April 12, 2018 — Tanita, the global weight management leader, is showcasing the full range of the company’s state-of-the-art solutions at the FIBO 2018 trade show in Cologne that have made the brand the first choice of the world’s bodybuilding and weight training stars. On show in Hall 8 Booth B23 from April 12 - 15, Tanita will provide body-lifters and up-and-coming athletes the opportunity to experience firsthand the efficiency and effectiveness of Tanita body measurement solutions and how they can contribute to increasing strength, willpower and body aesthetics.

“Visitors from fitness club managers to physiotherapists as well as individuals will be able to try for themselves how our innovative body measurement solutions give them the edge to efficiently achieve their weight training and body-building goals,” said Jan Alderlieste, Tanita head of operations in Europe, Russia and Middle East.

“The overwhelming scientific evidence is that sustained sport training and weight management programs contribute to a healthier society. Our solutions at Tanita are designed to promote human health and wellbeing and help sports professionals and fitness clubs profit from the added value body composition insights our equipment deliver them and their customers.”

Tanita is regarded by the scientific community as the gold standard in BIA technology and Tanita’s Medical Advisory Board ensures Tanita remains at the forefront of scientific advances. Tanita continually invests in numerous research projects that focus on enhancing understanding of key health and fitness issues, including areas such as childhood obesity, optimising sports performance and sarcopenia in the elderly.

Product highlights being showcased by Tanita include the professional Tanita MC-980MA PLUS, a complete stand-alone monitoring and software package for hospitals, clinics, fitness centres and businesses, and the consumer Tanita RD‐545 segmental Body Composition Analyzer, which uses wireless Bluetooth technology to simplify monitoring of the effectiveness of weight loss or training.

“Tanita is the front-runner in developing multi- and dual-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which helps bodybuilders, weightlifters and other (fitness) athletes easily and rapidly measure body composition and cellular structure to help them achieve ever better levels of performance,” said Jan Alderlieste. He noted how Tanita’s unique home and professional solutions encompass measuring weight, body fat, muscle mass, muscle quality score, physique rating, bone mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, total body water, and BMI – and provide information within seconds.

The MC-980MA PLUS provides fast, accurate and comprehensive information for personalised health and fitness consultations. Incorporating the latest multi-frequency BIA technology with the flexibility of an upgraded Microsoft® Windows® 8 OS and expanded memory function, the smart body monitor also incorporates a new Sarcopenia Assessment feature, which allows the identification, prevention and monitoring of elderly clients. Also helping older people to maintain good mobility, the MC-980MA PLUS has all medical approval certificates.

“Tanita’s products and services meet rising health awareness expectations by providing men and women greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their body and thereby helps them to address their health, fitness and general wellbeing issues,” said Jan Alderlieste.

Editors notes:

Tanita’s Bio‐electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures body composition by sending a safe, low level electrical signal through the body via the footplate and hand electrodes on the Body Composition Monitor. The signal passes freely through fluids in muscle and other body tissues, but meets resistance when it passes through fat, which contains little fluid. This resistance is called ‘impedance’. The data is used, along with gender, height and weight, to calculate body composition. Tanita BIA technology has been clinically validated against the Gold Standard DXA and proven to be highly accurate.

For more information, please contact:

Madeleine Bosch

M: +31 642267416

Press enquiries to David Noble, available at +44 7785302694 or

Founded in 1923, Tanita Corporation is an ethical healthcare product manufacturer. Tanita’s core objective is to research and bring to market, technologies that facilitate health monitoring, both for professionals and for the (health-conscious) public. The company produces a complete range of innovative scales encompassing everything from scales for jewellery, baby scales, kitchen scales, professional and consumer scales.

Today, Tanita is the world leader in health monitoring technology. With sales of more than 28 million home-use and professional products, Tanita has proven its superior technology, unique design and high manufacturing standards; earning ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, NAWI, MDD, membership of the JQA (Japanese Quality Association) and FDA clearance.

The Company’s international headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, with award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China. It also maintains sister companies in the USA, China and Hong Kong and an EMEA Head Office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

After building a highly successful business manufacturing bathroom scales, Tanita focused its research on the links between weight and health. Following extensive research to establish the relationship between excess body fat, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers; Tanita introduced the world’s first Integrated Body Fat Scale to medical research professionals in 1992. Using this same technology, Tanita then developed the world’s first Body Fat Monitor Scale for personal use in 1994. 

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