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Tapflo new TC Intelligent pump awarded at PPMA Show 2017

News   •   Sep 28, 2017 14:23 GMT

Tapflo TC Intelligent pump (fitted with LEAP Technology)

Tapflo is proud to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies exhibiting at PPMA Show 2017 in Birmingham by the independent panel of 10 esteemed industry experts.

Tapflo became a finalist of PPMA Group Industry Awards 2017, in  Innovative Processing System category, with its TC Intelligent pump (fitted with LEAP Technology).

This recognition is double important for Tapflo as TC Intelligent pumps are the newest product in company's portfolio.

Tapflo TC series pumps are based on standard Tapflo air operated diaphragm pumps but fitted with an power pack called LEAP® Technology. The LEAP® technology was developed for a ultra low flow high pressure applications.

LEAP® or ‘Low Energy Air Pump’ is a patented technology used in AODD pumps to reduce the minimum operating air pressure by reducing internal losses and friction found in conventional AODD pumps.
LEAP uses a unique indirect system to detect the position of the diaphragm shaft controlling the diaphragm movement automatically.

Extensive testing procedure showed that a large amount of energy required in a pump was to overcome the resistance in the pump. Another major issue was the mid-port scenario when Air pumps were turned down to much lower air pressure in an attempt to save energy, the pumps simply stalled.

The TC Intelligent pump is able to start pumping at 0.3 bar with no stalling, in test the pump was already achieving flow rates of 70% of its maximum open end flow before other pumps had even started.

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