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20 years of Facilitating the Future in Innovation With You

Blog post   •   May 12, 2014 13:29 GMT

Technia is celebrating 20 years in PLM! In this article Jonas Gejer, the CEO of Technia, shares his thoughts about the time passed by. Don't miss out on the CATIA competition and your chance to win a trip to Paris.

We founded Technia 20 years ago in 1994, based on the idea of supporting the capability of Nordic companies to develop new products more efficiently using computer-aided design tools. At this time the terms used were CAD/CAM and PDM. It´s hard to imagine that at that point of time internet was a youngster and was conceived only five years earlier at CERN in Europe. We embarked on a fantastic journey from a local Swedish company to a Nordic and today we are a truly global leader in Product Lifecycle Management, PLM – and a world-renowned expert in Innovation processes and ENOVIA.

Technia has been fortunate to serve many industries; in the 90´s we mostly served Industrial and Life Sciences companies. In the late 90´s and we developed a very strong presence in Telecommunications. Between 2000-2010 we diversified into many new industries such as Fashion/Apparel, Energy and Construction. In recent years we have successfully entered Food & Beverage and the Service industry. There are tremendous opportunities to find inspiration from practices and processes in one industry and applying them in other segments, in order to realize break-through improvements in product innovation, efficiency and quality, resulting in company growth and improved financial performance. The passion to continuously develop and find new and innovative ways to apply technology and the best practices and processes has been the focus of our team.

In the early days, the majority of Technia’s customers were CAD/CAM customers. In 1995 we started a strong partnership with MatrixOne and developed the Nordic market together with them establishing PDM/PLM partnerships with companies like Scania, GE Healthcare, NOKIA, SECO Tools, Ericsson and BT Products. Now the circle is closed with our intense investment during 2013 and 2014 to become a leading European CATIA reseller, consultant, training center and integrator. We are already the #1 CATIA partner in the Nordics and we intend to grow further. The new Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform/V6 offers great opportunities to shift to the next generation in design, analysis and collaboration. Technia is running a handful of projects with CATIA V6 in full production and some very inspiring projects with Composites, Electrical and the Systems Engineering modules.

Win a trip to Paris in the CATIA Design Competition

It is with great pride that Technia has handed out more than fifty 10 Year Appreciation Awards for partnership in PLM with our customers - this year I look forward to hand out the first 20 Year Appreciation Awards. In fact, today we are launching an open Innovation competition for designing our 20 Year Appreciation Award. The competition is open for anyone and I have installed CATIA V6 and 3DVIA myself to be able to submit my personal proposal. I started my career as a mechanical design engineer almost 30 years ago, so I’m a bit rusty, but determined to innovate on this theme, and I challenge all of you to contribute and submit your own design on the Technia 20 Years Award on the Technia web site. The first price is a trip to Paris to meet the developers of CATIA and learn about the future in product design tools. Join our competition here.

Innovation has always been part of Technia´s DNA. During 1999, we worked on a large and complex ENOVIA implementation at NOKIA and we realized a need for additional functionality; a brand new thin web client. Nokia became our first development partner and customer for the Technia products that we named Value Components. Since then we have pioneered new benchmark in usability, configurability, performance, mobility and systems integrations. Many things remain to be invented and we challenge ourselves every day to address those areas within our selected domain - PLM - and together with you, our customers.

The Technia team is very committed to serve you as existing and future customers with a true passion to innovate and find the best possible solutions together with you; to improve product creation and all related and downstream processes such as sourcing, manufacturing, aftermarket and service. We will achieve this using our # 1 knowledge in PLM and passionate entrepreneurship based on simplicity and a long-term commitment to your success.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all during our 20 years festivities, meetings and events, not only to celebrate the years that have gone by, but also those that are yet to come.

Warm Regards,
Jonas Gejer

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