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Press Release   •   Dec 18, 2013 08:55 GMT

Buddy Check is an app that helps you and your friends to keep track of each other when going out. GPS functionality combined with timed buddy checks makes it more fun and safe to stick together throughout the night. 

We have all been there. You’re out having a good time with your friends. But before you know it, you have lost track of each other somewhere between the overcrowded bar, the dance floor or the line for the VIP-area. At the end of the night maybe you’re not even sure everybody got home alright.

This is why we created Buddy Check, a smartphone application that helps you and your friends keep track of each other when going out.

By gently bumping your phones together you and your friends will be able to track each other using the GPS on your smartphones. The app challenges your party group to find each other within one minute and gently bump your phones together. This is a way to make sure that everyone is ok and still having a good time. If you don’t find each other you can always use the message feature within the app. Each completed buddy check will be awarded points. After each completed buddy check the app will also give tips and advice on how to make your night out even better. Like having a glass of water every now and then. The app will also alert the group if some is drifting off too far using a geofencing feature.

“We wanted a way to address that peer pressure and alcohol together can lead to binge drinking. Buddy Check gives you the opportunity to use the group dynamic in a positive and responsible way when going out with friends,” says Paula Eriksson, VP Corporate Communications.

Functions with Buddy Check

·  Keep track of your friends using GPS

·  Timed buddy checks to find friends

·  Communicate with your friends using Buddy Message

·  Geofence feature to keep the group together

·  Initiate your own buddy checks when needed

·  Privacy ensured as all GPS-data is deleted when you log out or end game. No data uploaded or stored.

Buddy Check can be downloaded free of charge in iTunes App Store. It will also be available for Android on Google Play in early 2014.

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