West Zone of TOKYO mizumachi, the Complex under the Elevated Railway, to Open on April 17 and SUMIDA RIVER WALK to Open on April 13!

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West Zone of TOKYO mizumachi, the Complex under the Elevated Railway, to Open on April 17 and SUMIDA RIVER WALK to Open on April 13!

【Updated on April 2, 2020】
Due to the situation of COVID-19 in Japan, the openings of the SUMIDA RIVER WALK (originally scheduled to be opened on April 13, 2020) and TOKYO mizumachi (originally scheduled to be open on April 17, 2020) are postponed.
Currently we are scheduling to open in May 2020 for both the SUMIDA RIVER WALK and TOKYO mizumachi. Further details will be announced closer to the opening.

Tobu Railway (Headquartered in Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshizumi Nezu) is currently promoting attractive waterfront facilities development connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN in cooperation with Sumida Ward to create an appealing space in Tokyo. Tobu Railway has just finished selection of the tenants of TOKYO mizumachi, the commercial complex under the elevated railway tracks between Asakusa Station and TOKYO SKYTREE Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. The west zone will open on April 17, 2020, and SUMIDA RIVER WALK, the footbridge spanning the Sumida River will open on April 13.

By developing a new east-west line connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, and linking between the Sensoji Temple, the Kitajukken River area and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN with the shortest route, we will create a path with which visitors can have fun strolling around and cooperation can be further enhanced in the Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN area. 

Jack's Wife Freda (conceptual image)

The tenants of TOKYO mizumachi will include the popular, unique shops and restaurants enabling visitors to enjoy eating take-out foods at the surrounding park and river environment. Among them are LAND_A, a new form of casual diner run by BLNIBARBI Co., Ltd., which operates 12 restaurants in east Tokyo, and Jack's Wife Freda, the first Japanese branch of the popular New York brunch restaurant. The east zone to be opened in June will have LATTEST SPORTS, a bouldering gym, café and biking store produced by Jazzy Sport whose slogan is to unite the world with music and sports.

LATTEST SPORTS (conceptual image)

Tobu Railway will strive continuously to make the area the leading tourist location in Tokyo while cooperating in the Kitajukken River and Sumida Park Circular Sightseeing Path development project promoted by Sumida Ward.
Further details are provided in the attachment.

About TOKYO mizumachi

1. Origin of name:
Complimenting the adjacent TOKYO Solamachi that evokes the image of a “town with a tower” (Sky town), the image of TOKYO SKYTREETOWN, this name simply expresses that this area is a waterside town. This name is rooted in the history of the area and friendly to everyone.

2. Number of blocks:
14 (12 shops/restaurants, hotel, and industry supporting facilities)

3. Address:
1-chome Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

4. Date of opening:
West zone: Friday, April 17, 2020
East zone: to be sequentially opened in and after June 2020

5.Site area:
Approx. 5500 m2

6. Floor area:
Approx. 3554 m2

7. Official website:
https://www.tokyo-mizumachi.jp/ (to be launched in April)

8. Logo mark:

The upper section represents the elevated railway tracks and “TOKYO Mizumachi.” Their reflection on the surface of the river in the lower section expresses the waterside space. Further, when the logo mark is rotated 90 degrees, it can be read as “水街” in kanji (Chinese characters), incorporating a uniquely Japanese wordplay.

9. Concept: 
Live to Trip
A concept where different people, regions and cultures associate with one another and with residents, as residents spend time as if traveling through the area, and travelers spending time as if living in the area. The development of a waterside space acting as a destination where visitors coming and going encounter a downtown charm closely tied with the community.

10. Store information:

W01 LAND_A (Casual diner)
This is a place for casual dining based on seasonal foods from selected production areas. The exciting. happy diner will satisfy customers regardless of age. You will definitely want to come back to LAND_A with your loved ones.

W02 KONCENT (Design products)

KONCENT serves as a transmission base for manufacturing, connecting creators and craftsmen with users.They offer many different merchandise including products by h concept Corporation.

W03 Jack's Wife Freda (All-day bistro)

This is the first Japanese branch of the very popular New York restaurant that always has a line and regularly welcomes Hollywood celebrities. FOOD ARCHITECT LAB operates the restaurant.
Customers can enjoy dining there at any hour, from brunch to dinner. Highly rated by ZAGAT, they serve many cute-looking dishes such as avocado toast.

W04 Ichiya (Japanese traditional confectionary and parlor)

This parlor produced by Ichiya provides the Japanese sweets loved by the local people of Hikifune. Customers can enjoy siratama (rice dumpling) parfait carefully prepared by the chef or, in warmer seasons, shaved ice. You can get delicious daifuku (mochi stuffed with sweet filling) and dorayaki (red bean paste sandwiched between two pancakes) to go.

W05 DEUS EX MACHINA ASAKUSA (Café and clothes store)

The first outlet of this Australian lifestyle store based on surfing & biking culture. They are multifarious, serving as both a comfy café and a shop handling select apparel. Yoshi-san, the head barista, is very popular, and has many fans.


They are a craft beer restaurant, enabling you to enjoy the original craft beers produced by the ecofriendly Portland Beer Hub from the U.S.A. They use the safest possible local ingredients (i.e. pesticide-free or reduced pesticide use).

W07 Muuya (Bakery and café)

New shop produced by Bread, Espresso &, the popular shop in Omotesando, Tokyo. Customers can take out their special Mou bread and a cup of espresso or enjoy them in the café.

Tourists can use the hostel as a base for sightseeing in Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE®. They are planning to hold events and workshops specific to the location at the café & bar attached to the hotel. They will communicate the allure of the people and things from Sumida as a hostel where you can come to play.

E02 FamilyMart (Convenience store)

Featuring nine seats for eating in, Family Mart will also serve as a café where people can get together. The store will help you stay comfortably in the neighborhood by providing functions as a convenience store and utility.

E03 Sumida Industrial Exchange Base (tentative name)(Transmission of local information and community promotion)

This place will transmit information about the appeal of Sumida Ward by promoting the exchange of local and outside merchandise and people through product manufacturing and experience. Products made in Sumida Ward are sold on the first floor. On the second floor, they provide opportunities forpeople to interact, including workshops and community-based events.

E04 WASH&FOLD (Washing service, dry cleaning, and launderette)

We at WASH & FOLD will do your laundry for you. Our staff will wash, dry and fold each customer's laundry individually. There are coin washing machines and a reception desk for dry cleaning within the store.

E06 shake tree DINER TOKYO (Gourmet burgers)

They are a popular hamburger shop that is always packed with customers, even though it is located in the middle, between Ryogoku and Kinshicho. “Let’s have fun! Enjoy everything with the customers!” is their motto. Their burger that uses hamburger patties instead of a bun gives a very strong impression.

E07 LATTEST SPORTS (Sport complex/event facilities)

This sport complex is enjoyable regardless of age, and is comprised of The Stone Session Tokyo, which is a bouldering gym produced by Jazzy Sport; a full coffee stand with homeroasted coffee; and a sand pool. They also hold large-scale culture events related to music or art.

※E05 section is being adjusted

-Pedestrian bridge connecting TOKYO SKYTREE and Asakusa-

1. Origin of name:
This name has been adopted with the hope that visitors walk around the prosperous waterside area centering on the Sumida River and connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE-TOWN®.

2. Public opening:
1:00 p.m., Monday, April 13, 2020 (planned)

3. Operating hours:
7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., open 365 days a year
* Operating hours are subject to change, depending on the season, events, and other situations.
* The bridges over the Sumida River will be lit from sunset until last train
* SUMIDA RIVER WALK may close due to weather or other reasons.

4. Location:
From the 1-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo end to the 1-1 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokuyo end
SUMIDA RIVER WALK (conceptual image)

5. Structure:
Added to the downstream (south) side of the existing railway bridge (Total length: approx. 160 meters, width: 2.5 meters)

6. Charge: 

7. Restrictions on use:
Motorbikes are prohibited. Bicycle riders must walk their bicycles (regarded as pedestrians).
* More restrictions may be added when many visitors use the facilities during events and other situations.

8. Logo:
The same font is used to ensure consistency with the TOKYO SKYTREE.

9. Other:
The color scheme of the bridges over the Sumida River will be changed to match the SKYTREE White that was employed by the TOKYO SKYTREE. Additionally, lighting colored to match the TOKYO SKYTREE will be used to light the SUMIDA RIVER WALK to ensure consistency within the expanded area.
* Service across the bridges spanning the Sumida River will be restored on Friday, March 27, ending the temporary suspension due to construction.

SUMIDA RIVER WALK (conceptual image)

The Kitajukken River and Sumida Park Circular Sightseeing Path development project
In response to the February 2014 Vision for Waterside Development in the Sumida River Area by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Committee to Review Waterside Development, Tobu Railway is promoting the tourist potential of the route between Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN and the Kitajukken River and Sumida Park Circular Sightseeing Path development project to encourage more people to visit the northern and southern areas including Mukoshima, Ryogoku, and Honjo, including the area around the Kitajukken River, along with the earthquake preparedness measures taken for the revetment by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The construction underway (Sumida Park)

Construction is underway along the waterside in the west-side zone of the Kitajukken River (from the Sumida River to near Tobu Bridge), i.e. Shinsui Terrace, the space under the elevated railway tracks, community roads, and Sumida Park (part of the south side of the area). Sumida Park will open in the middle of March.
Shinsui Terrace and the community roads will be completed in early April between Makura Bridge and Genmori Bridge, and in early June between Genmori Bridge and Koume Bridge.

The construction underway (Shinsui Terrace)



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