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Lessons learned from Tsuneishi Group Companies in Shanghai

Blog post   •   Jan 08, 2016 00:57 GMT

By Minako Kambara Suematsu

July 10th, 2015

I visited our group companies in Shanghai.

First of all, I started with Kambara Kisen Co.,Ltd..

The new office is located right in front of the station and has a fabulous view of world famous Shanghai TV tower. The staff of this office loves it as well.

At Kambara Kisen, there are only three Japanese staff out of 50 members. Half of the staff is women and three out of seven departments are being managed by female managers.

This is the office of Glocal Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. located in the same building at the same floor as Kambara Kisen.

It was my first visit at TSUNEISHI (SHANGHAI) SHIP DESIGN Co., Ltd. where they design ships in Shanghai.

It has been 10 years since it has been established. It is said that excellent staff has been acquiring business skills and abilities that make them the core of the design department of the group.

I felt that the Shanghai was more advanced in gender equality during my visit. I wondered why gender equality has not been realized in Japan but in the Shanghai office (which includes Japanese and first generation staff hired locally) have advanced in large strides with gender equality.

Staff in China and the Philippines who are in their 30’s are very eager to develop themselves, their juniors, team, and the company. But in Japan, staff who is around their 40’s can speak their own point of view which is an overwhelming difference.

Not only is this is a personal issue but this is an awareness that should be raised within our company.

The time is now to create a better environment for gender equality. We should advance our office culture in terms of gender equality so that we align with the Shanghai office. 

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