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TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT to participate for the first time in the Interferry Conference: will introduce the latest ship models, including electric propulsion ships

News   •   Oct 14, 2016 00:50 GMT

TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT CO., LTD. (HQ: 1471-8 Urasaki-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima; President: Jun Kambara) will participate for the first time in the 41st Annual Interferry Conference organized by Interferry, the international ferry organization. Held in a different city each year, the Conference will take place this year in Manila, the Philippines from October 15 through 19. Tsuneishi will set up an individual exhibit booth on October 17 and 18 with videos and literature to introduce the latest ship models, including electric propulsion ships, catamaran high-speed passenger boats, and the tsunami floating shelter.

Since constructing its first aluminium alloy passenger vessel “New Bingo” in 1989, TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT has built close to 100 small ships, including catamaran passenger ships and working boats operated by local governments all over Japan. In 2012, it constructed “AMANOKAWA,” the first electric propulsion passenger ship in Japan. In recognition of its environmental performance with zero exhaust emissions, the “AMANOKAWA” was awarded 2012 Ship of the Year in the Small Passenger Ship Category by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers. TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT develops technology that contributes not only to safety and propulsion, but to comfortable rides and environmental protection. By participating for the first time in this 41st Annual Interferry Conference, it plans to conduct further market research and activities to expand sales of its high-value marine vessels to other countries.

Interferry is an association that comprises members of the ferry and small cruise ship industries from 35 countries and regions. The association works to boost activity in the ferry industry by facilitating networking between members and coordinating with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and European Union. 


TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT CO., LTD. operations comprise aluminium alloy vessel building, repairing, general construction, and lifeboat businesses. Through these enterprises, the company pursues safety and comfort for marine traffic and for daily life, and aims to coexist with nature while placing value on human ties.

Head office address: 1471-8 Urasaki-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima 720-0551, Japan
Representative & President: Jun Kambara
Businesses: Manufacturing and repairing of aluminium (light alloy) vessels, maintenance and inspection of lifeboats, general construction
Established: December 2010
Capital: 50 million yen
Number of employees: 44 (end of December 2015)
Craft factory (construction surface area): 2,982.09 square metres
Main facilities: Marine railway 49 metres x 499 G/T, two 30t/15t overhead cranes, etc.
Types of vessels built: Passenger vessels, fishery patrol vessels, etc.


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CSV division, Marketing Communication Group

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