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Elastin International Corp. showed the profession of Cold Stamping foil in FOOD TECH & BIO SHOW

News   •   Jun 25, 2019 00:57 GMT

    Attending the 21st Taipei International Food Processing & Bio/ Pharm. Machinery Show, Elastin International Corp. showed the profession of the manufacturing food packaging. Elastin International Corp. is a professional manufacturer of Hot stamping foil and PVC Sheeting. Our main products include Hot stamping foil, cold stamping foil, Mirror Plastic Sheet, Acrylic Sheet, Acrylic Fabrics, Book Binding Paper, Folding Boxes, etc. In addition, we also provide Polycarbonate Sheet, Polystyrene Sheets, Snap Fasteners, PVC Rigid Sheet and PVC Boxes with superior quality and competitive price.

What is Cold Foil Stamping?

Cold foil stamping, also known as cold foil printing, is a modern method of printing metallic foil on a substrate in order to enhance the aesthetic of the final product. Cold foil printing can be done two ways: the older dry lamination process common in the offset printing industry, or the newer, more versatile wet lamination process, which is dominant in the flex label industry.

How do we process Cold Foil Stamping? 

    Using a standard printing plate, an image is printed onto a substrate with the use of a ultraviolet-curable cold foil adhesive. An ultraviolet dryer then cures the adhesive, which becomes tacky. Foil spools from an unwind and is nipped to a substrate. Foil sticks to the tacky adhesive on the substrate, and an image with a bright foil surface is created. Foil that does not adhere to the adhesive remains on a thin polyester liner, and waste is directed to a rewind spool. Because the adhesive is applied on press like a conventional ink, no expensive stamping die has to be created. 

    Once printed, the surface of cold foil images may be varnished, laminated, or encapsulated in order to provide a hard-wearing, durable surface.

Substrates of Cold Foil Stamping 

    Some printing substrates are unsuitable for cold foil transfer. The best results are obtained on glossy coated papers and papers with a smooth surface. Weights from about 80 to 500 g/m^2 are possible.  

    The process does not require stamping tools, but instead uses printing plates, which are cheaper and can be made in a few hours. In contrast, delivery time for an engraved or etched stamping tool can be up to two weeks.

As a Professional Cold Foil Stamping Manufacturer

    Elastin has abundant experience in manufacturing Foil Stamping since its establishment in 1997. We provide Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Stamping Foil. We are a customer-focused company hence we take our customer's requirements very seriously.

    If you are looking for high quality PEVA Sheet, Foil Stamping and Book Binding Paper Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

One of our worldwide best products - ColdFoil Stamping

  • Substrate: Paper, Plastic
  • Thickness: 0.012mm/0.016mm/0.023mm
  • Width: 640mm or 1280mm
  • Length: 120M/roll, 3000-6000M/roll

<For more details of product, please click here>

During the Show, interested customers were asking about products of Elastin International Corp..

    Welcome interested customers visit our website and contact us directly, sincerely.

Elastin International Corp.

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