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OAV edger MAX370P breaks the design thinking of the industry and helps small factories to expand production efficiency

News   •   Apr 16, 2019 06:07 GMT

The edger MAX370P is a full-featured edge banding machine with pre-milling, automatic gluing, front and rear trimming, up and down trimming, round and round scraping and polishing. This machine breaks the design thinking of the industry. The machine with rounded corners no longer needs a large space. The small and beautiful machine can also achieve large capacity, stable operation and convenient adjustment. This machine is very suitable for decoration industry and small factory. The choice of production can bring you the perfect high-quality edge-sealing effect, especially for the edge of the cabinet door and door panel to achieve the perfect edge-sealing result. This high-grade machine side strip can be up to 3 mm thick, solid wood strips up to 4 mm thick, and a 1.2KG capacity cartridge can also be used with a rubber tube (optional) for transparent plastic edge sealing.

Function Description

(1) LED keyboard operation panel

Simple operation panel + LED display button for easy operation, including digital display temperature control panel to understand the temperature of the glue, preheating the board to handle the wet board to ensure the quality of the edge.

(2) Pre-milling unit

This unit can be repaired up to 1mm, which prevents the flaws caused by sawing and achieves perfect edge sealing quality.

(3) plastic bucket

1.2kgs Teflon barrel can be used for EVA glue, the amount of cloth can be adjusted. A plastic bucket can also be optionally used as a result of the transparent sealant.

(4) Front and rear repair unit

The unit is mounted on a high precision linear bearing to ensure a perfect cutting result. Precision cutting regardless of edge type and thickness.

(5) Up and down repair unit

The unique up and down repair unit design can accurately trim the edges without damaging the workpiece. The adjustment of the thick edge strips is quick and easy with the aid of the reading device.

The 2mm radius tool is standard with a high efficiency dust collection design for efficient dust collection to ensure edge quality and create a good working environment

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OAV's philosophy

The future of OAV is no longer just to build a world of woodworking machinery that dominates the world, but to bring R&D and operational results to the world! We look forward to breaking the barriers of the country, race and class through marketing and service, and let the world love it. The carpentry people choose Shixing's machinery and enjoy the fun of life by using the "user-friendly design" of Shixing. "OAV Management" "Overall": Recognize the situation, conform to the trend, and master the eugenics of the company. Advance: Step by step implementation, cumulative experience, and team management benefits. Vigor: Honest professionalism, pursuit of excellence, and sustainable business philosophy.

Shixing adopts the "OAV brand sharing" strategy, allows dealers to own the OAV brand, sells locally, wins popularity with mutual trust, guarantees their power to choose OAV products, and classifies OAV products into different grades, product features and The market segmentation is made at the price level, which is supported by the distributors and enables the sales of the products to cover the upper, middle and lower levels of the market.

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