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What is predictive maintenance?Let!Hsin Hong Trading CO., LTD. Tell you!

News   •   Nov 15, 2018 06:30 GMT

Time flies and the technology is changing with each passing day. The maintenance methods and concepts of the factory are constantly being updated. There is a saying that "keeping the latest maintenance technology is equivalent to increasing the productivity of the factory and creating huge profits for the company.

Taiwan's industry generally stays in "damage maintenance", just like the emergency and danger of fire fighting. Important equipment may not be repaired in a short period of time due to serious damage, resulting in the factory shutdown. In order to avoid major abnormal shutdowns, the concept of “predictive maintenance” was proposed. On a time basis, all equipment parts were replaced regularly. This seems to be a way to avoid abnormal shutdowns. However, the machine was damaged in the near future because of the new parts are not equal to good parts, even if they are good parts, the wrong tools and installations make the new equipment be damaged.

As you can see, predictive maintenance is a time-saving and cost-effective maintenance. How should we implement it to know the condition of the equipment?

Let Hsin Hong Trading Co., Ltd. tell you!

First of all, it is necessary to effectively record important process parameters, such as flow, temperature and pressure. The general factory dispatches personnel to read the paper on the spot every day. Previously, I heard the customer say that someone copied the wrong data, and some people did not follow the regulations. The time reading meter, SKF MARLIN provides bar code to define each important process parameter, so that the meter reading staff has no chance to copy the error, and records the time of the meter reading, and returns it to the computer archive together with the record parameters and draws the trend chart to help the supervisor to know the condition of the equipment.

Next, you must master the vibration, temperature and bearing condition of the machine, and return it to the computer to observe the condition of the machine according to the following table. For the machine whose condition is deteriorating, arrange the maintenance time as soon as possible. The SKF MARLIN system has synchronous measurement vibration. The bearing condition and temperature function can save 2/3 of the on-site measurement time.

Predicting maintenance is a trend. The implementation method is very simple. Just use SKF's equipment monitoring tools and cooperate with the establishment of the pre-aware maintenance system to avoid unintended downtime and thus achieve worry-free operation.

Why do Hsin Hong Trading Co., Ltd.
know this expertise?

Hsin Hong Trading Co., Ltd.established
in 1989, a company authorized by SKF and
has obtained the SKF CMP certification
(Certified Maintenance Partner), which
specializes in six platform products including
SKF bearings. The internal business
personnel have rich professional experience
and provide high-quality instant service.
The technical department also organizes
bearing education training and disassembly
training for customers and introduces the
latest knowledge and experience of European
originals directly into China. All papermaking,
steel, petrochemical, marine, energy, cable,
mining, food and various machinery
manufacturing industries are important
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