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Barrio East-Is a bar which has everything!

Blog post   •   Sep 30, 2013 12:12 BST

From its multiple bars, hidden in little nooks you have to explore to get a full flavor of the place.

There is a great terrace/garden at the back, where you can hide out if you want to get some air.

Need to Pay a Visit?

Now I don't usually mention the toilets in a venue, but the ladies loo is a must visit.

Normally women are ushered away from going into a cubical together, but a Barrio East, they have a two person bathroom, where you can both pee together.(I know, hilarious)

Where to sit?

As I was there for a leaving drinks party, we had an area booked. Lucky for me it turned out to be the best area in the place. We had booked a camper-van (cut in half), so we could look onto the dance floor.

Great Music

The music is everything from Snoop Dog to Cuban/Latin music.


The food is reasonably priced, think Mexican street food. Small dishes of Taco’s, Quesadilla’s

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