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Beauty trends becoming more affordable

Blog post   •   Aug 20, 2013 09:00 BST

Waxing,Shaving,Laser hair removal?

Yes,the tortures task of getting ready for your summer holidays.Not only is it painful in the normal sense,but its painful in the pocket as well.

Shaving is obviously the cheapest option,but you have to do it so frequently.Waxing achieves great results,but is painful and you still have to go fairly frequently (once a month)
Laser Hair Removal-Up until recently the only positive with this treatment was didn't have to have it so frequently.But now there is painless options,and Laser clinics have become so competitive priced,they aren't an expensive option any more.I recently discovered the Skin & Hair free clinic in Shepherds Bush. I've tried other's but at £40 for a bikini laser this is by far the price friendly and painless option I've tried.

For Laser hair removal,I recommend the following clinic in Shepherds bush:

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