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Bunga Bunga

Blog post   •   Aug 12, 2013 15:29 BST

This place is so lively, I always recommend it to friends for birthday parties. The atmosphere is brilliant the staff are lotz of fun. Food, Cocktails are all great too, The Cocktails are a show stopper,drink out of the ‘Leaning Tower of Piza’, or ‘The Coliseum’.

Bunga Bunga is under new management, and with the live acts the new manager has bought in,the entertainment of this place just keeps on going.

Then,when you’ve had a few more cocktails, you can have a go yourself by entering onto the stage to do Karaoke in front of everyone. But be warned, you better have a good singing voice. I watched 2 drunk girls get kicked off.

Then, the night ends at Bunga Bunga in spectacular style. Fireworks go off, streamers and glitter enters the air, before you head upstairs to the nightclub.
Bunga Bunga, gets a massive thumbs up from the London Princess!

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