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The Secret to the Hollywood Body

Blog post   •   Jan 09, 2014 17:12 GMT

Yes its that time of year again.

Where we attempt to shift weight by hitting the gym hard for a few months.Then we combine it with a diet which seems a full proof plan right?

As the fitness DVD's roll in, with some diets and workouts working well for some,and not for others,I've recently been on a quest to find out what will work best for me.

The latest technology in LA is The MPH Method. Its a tailor made work out plan, coupled with a diet prescribed and delivered to you, (after you've had in depth tests and analysis of your Hormones, as well as Bio mechanically testing on your bodies movement.)

Hormone Analysis tells you which food groups will be most effective for you,in aiding the process of loosing weight.

An the Bio mechanically tests help to indicate strengths and weakness in the body which need to be worked on to help correct posture,increase fitness and start to increase strength.

Made famous by the number of Sports Athlete and Hollywood actresses rumored to be on this lifestyle changing workout/diet. An now this pioneering new work out,has been brought to London,by celebrity personal trainer Matt Hodges.

An I was lucky enough to try it out.

Matt asked me a number of question,and analysed my movement whilst doing exercise to gain a better understand of my strength and weaknesses in my body.

Offering me corrective exercises to help strengthen my core and fitness,and combined with a special diet based upon the results of the Hormone testing (Which foods my body digests best),I'm assured  in time will help me to achieve a Hollywood actress Body.

Matt warns me to achieve my goal's he insists requires dedication,and training session with him 4 times a week. Matt offer training session from Putney in South West London (which is ideally situated for the rugby set),and St Johns wood in North London for the high flying City set.As part of the MPH method you can also have meals delivered right to your door (which ideally keeps you well an truly on your path to achieve your goals)


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    It always amazes me why Hollywood actors have such determination to train and maintain such a svelte figure. It is definitely tough - both physically and mentally - to go on a strict diet and exercise so regularly.

    - Fat freeze Singapore - Nov 08, 2018 07:58 GMT

    Thanks for sharing

    - Perfectly Poised - Dec 04, 2018 14:39 GMT

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