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Adder Announces New Distribution Partnership in Portugal

Adder Announces New Distribution Partnership in Portugal

Press releases   •   Aug 08, 2019 09:00 BST

Experts in Critical Environments, Gloone, select Adder for IP KVM

Adder Scores Award Hat-trick

Adder Scores Award Hat-trick

Press releases   •   Jul 01, 2019 11:00 BST

New 4K IP KVM innovation secures multiple industry awards

Adder Signs New APAC Partner as Market Expands

Adder Signs New APAC Partner as Market Expands

Press releases   •   Jun 28, 2019 01:00 BST

Supports increasing demand for high-performance IP KVM in China • New partner selects Adder IP KVM for customers in China • Builds on Adder’s commitment to the APAC region • Expands presence in China as customers look for high-performance IP KVM

Adder Brings Award-Winning 4K IP KVM to BroadcastAsia 2019

Press releases   •   May 31, 2019 01:00 BST

Supports increasing 4K demand on broadcasters and content creators • Dual 4K, video, audio and USB over a single fiber connection • Easy migration to 4K IP KVM without costly rip and replace • Pixel-perfect, color accurate at 4K60 • Proven to meet 4K content demand

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Improve Situational Awareness in your Military Control Room
ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series Scoops Fifth Industry Award
Our Musings from IBC 2019

Our Musings from IBC 2019

Blog posts   •   Oct 03, 2019 15:55 BST

Adder Innovation Recognised With Fourth Award For The ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series

Adder Innovation Recognised With Fourth Award For The ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series

Blog posts   •   Sep 17, 2019 10:57 BST

Adder has been recognised once again for continued innovation with the world’s first high performance IP KVM solution that brings dual-head 4K capability over a single fiber connection. This week at IBC 2019, the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology show.

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英国艾德科技有限公司宣布正式携手安恒利(国际)有限公司(ACE)共谱中国高性能IP KVM 市场新篇章

新加坡 (28 June 2019) – Adder(英国艾德科技有限公司),全球知名的 IP KVM及延长器专业设备供应商,今天正式宣布与安恒利(国际)有限公司(ACE)签署合作代理协议,ACE将作为英国艾德科技有限公司中国区的总代理商,与Adder携手拓展高性能IP KVM 市场。


高速でシンプルな高性能を採用した4K IP KVM • デュアル4K、ビデオ、オーディオをシングルファイバーで接続 • 交換費用なしで、簡単に4Kへの移行が簡単 • ピクセルパーフェクトで、正確な色の4K60 • 4Kコンテンツの需要を満たすことが証明されています

ADDER kündigt Weltneuheit in 4K, Dual-Display, an

Beschleunigt und vereinfacht die Einführung von leistungsstarken 4K IP-KVMs • Dual 4K, Video, Audio und USB über eine einzige Glasfaserverbindung • Einfache Migration auf 4K ohne kostspieligen Austausch der vorhandenen Infrastruktur • Pixelgenau, farbgenau bei 4K60 • Deckt sich mit den hohen Ansprüchen an eine hochqualitativen 4K Übertragung

Adder dévoile sa solution 4K, une première mondiale

Accélère et facilite l'adoption de KVM sur IP, 4K et hautes performances. • Dual 4K, vidéo, audio et USB via une seule fibre optique • Migration facile vers le 4K sans dépose de l’existant et remplacement coûteux • Pixel-perfect, couleur fidèles 4K à 60Hz • Parfaitement compatible avec des contenus 4K