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'People over profits!' Amanda Waring's plea to care homes

Blog post   •   Jun 25, 2012 16:44 BST

Amanda Waring, Elder Care Campaigner, Actress and award winning filmmaker reacted to this weekend's press coverage, following a further damning article within the national press about the treatment of elderly and vulnerable patients within our care system. 

With awards won for her inspiring care training  films, such as 'What Do You See' starring Virginia McKenna, which tackles the subject of undignified and compassion lacking care, Amanda knows only too well how changes need to be made and fast to the way we care for elders in our societies.  "All our behaviours are there to express a need.  Needs have to be identified, assessed, understood and managed in a humane way.  We need to improve the training for caring staff with skilled communication and for it to be realised just how important that is.  We need to understand the basic needs of another that can help to make another's life that much more comfortable."

When asked about the article within the Daily Mail and how it makes her feel, especially with details of restraining individuals reported, Amanda said "The human rights of a vulnerable older person or someone challenged by learning difficulties must never be violated. I believe that restraint should be a last resort, rather than a cure-all answer.  This coping strategy is too readily misused as the report shows.  We need to educate staff and carers about this more."

Amanda is working tirelessly to promote the need for compassionate and dignified caring within our societies.  Her new book 'The Heart of Care' by Souvenir Press, encapsulates the powerful messages emulated in her films, training sessions, talks and education materials.  Referring to these, Amanda said "I am so passionate that my films and training packs should be used to provide the learning needed for the emotional support and delivery of dignified and compassionate care. The CQC report highlights the need for this work and I make a plea to all care homes to stop putting profits above people.  They need to reconnect to understand what is needed for our elders; enabling support our elders rather then use brutal methods to subdue the mind, body and spirit of an individual.

For further information on the powerful campaigning work that Amanda undertakes, or to purchase any of her inspirational products, visit her website




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