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beActive releases Collider game for iPhone and Android

Press Release   •   May 27, 2014 13:36 BST

Dublin, May 27th 2014 – The Codebreaker game is the new member of the Collider World, a transmedia project told across several platforms, including comic books, webisodes, mobile games and a movie that reached cinemas in early 2014. Collider World tells the story of six people transported to a post-apocalyptic 2018, where they have to discover how they got there, how to survive, and how to get back to the present before all is lost…

Codebreaker is the sequel to Collider Quest, the second app about the breathtaking story of Peter, Alisha, Carlos, Fiona, Luke and Lucia, who are struggling to survive in this dangerous world. The survivors fight to uncover the true story of what triggered the apocalypse, as they try to desperately reverse the wormhole to get back to their past life… The player has to crack codes by placing the right pegs in the right order. For each correct peg both in color and position he will get a green light, the yellow light indicates a correct peg placed in the wrong position.

In a race against time, the goal of the game is to help Luke disarm every bomb by cracking the codes. The App will test your intelligence and ability by helping the characters solve the puzzles against the clock and collecting the achievements and medals! The game includes increased difficulty throughout the game, a special Arcade Mode - from ‘extremely easy’ to ‘impossible’ – and dozens of achievements and Medals to unlock.

Fear. Mystery. Apocalypse. Collider Codebreaker is all that and much more. The world faces its darkest hours and mankind is on the verge of extinction,  it needs a hero and that hero could be you…

Collider Codebreaker


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Collider Quest


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About beActive Interactive

beActive is an award winning and EMMY-nominated TV, Film and Digital studio with a decade of experience in Film and TV production, international co-production, licensing and distribution of entertainment content across a multitude of platforms. beActive’s Digital credits include several mobile apps and games, transmedia documentary “Road to Revolution”, “Final Punishment” ARG (alternate reality game) and multiplatform interactive experience “Collider World”, the latter two having been nominated for an International Digital EMMY.

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