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APTOOD – Breaking the barriers of youth unemployment

Press Release   •   May 16, 2014 11:09 BST

As exam time looms for this years' finalists, another challenge will soon face them. Almost half of recent UK graduates are in non-graduate jobs, with almost one in ten not being able to find work at all.

Aptood believe graduates are more than the sum of their experience and education, and have invested in comprehensive tests to help graduates stand out for their personality and work potential.

Martin Gibson, former Warwick graduate and co-founder of said "we wanted to create a new way of finding work. A decade ago a CV and some experience would get you an interview, but with over 50 applicants per job in 2014 it's a challenge to stand out. With 75 of the Top 100 businesses using psychometrics to identify the best hires, we took that same technology and applied it to graduates."

Graduates can now stand out for their individual potential such as leadership qualities, analytical thinking, and ability to work in teams - key factors that deter employers from considering hiring fresh staff. 

At this busy period in academia, graduates can now benefit from being able to reuse their results with multiple employers, drastically reducing the total time spent on applications. By giving them their results, graduates can for the first time receive impartial careers advice combined with work-place strengths, which can be incorporated into their CVs.

Enabling graduates is only half of the youth unemployment solution. Employers can for the first time benefit from advanced psychometric selection without the burden of administration, cost, and screening as the platform is risk free. Any limited company is welcome to create a position, publish it, and attract applications without upfront obligation, and without the HR overhead associated with processing large numbers of junior applicants.

By making it easier for graduates to stand out and for employers to find them, Aptood are the only recruitment platform attempting to break down the barriers between the one million job seekers aged 16-24 and the buoyant SME market in which they should thrive.

Aptood takes the guesswork out of graduate recruitment. The days of mass printing CVs are over! Contact for further details and/or image.

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