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At ease, everyone can still pay their taxes with a credit card

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2018 14:21 GMT

For years, British citizens and companies have become used to paying their taxes to HM Revenue & Customs with a credit card. Recent statistics from the authority reveal a dramatic increase in the number of individuals or entities paying taxes using a credit card.

Despite the increase in popularity, the HMRC has decided to no longer accept tax payments by personal credit card from the 13th of January. The reasons being the new surcharge ban.

There are however ways to keep up the habit of paying taxes with a credit card! One of them is via Billhop, a Swedish company governed by the Swedish Financial Services Authority. The company has already seen a dramatic increase in payments to the HMRC ahead of the ban later this month.

Sebastian Andreescu, CEO of Billhop said:

“…We have seen a surge in payments to HMRC amongst our users recently and we are of course very happy to offer every UK tax payer the possibility to keep paying their taxes using a credit card…”

Billhop charges a service fee, however the downside of the cost might be offset by traditional credit card benefits such as reward points and prolonged payment terms.  

Billhop is a SaaS which enables businesses and consumers to pay their bills/invoices with their credit card. We are a Payment Institute regulated by, and under the supervision of, the Swedish FSA. We accept payments with all cards issued by MasterCard, VISA and American Express. The company was founded in 2011 and has its HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit