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Help in Bury for those worried by ‘legal highs’

Press release   •   May 31, 2016 12:23 BST

Specialist services are available in Bury for those worried or affected by New Psychoactive Substances, or so-called legal highs.

New laws have just come into force which make it illegal to produce and supply psychoactive substances, with the exception of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

The new legislation targets those who sell these potentially dangerous substances and provides the police with greater powers to take action against those who produce or supply them.

In Bury there are specialist services available, and anyone who feels they may be struggling with the negative effects of NPS and other substances, or if they are worried about a friend or family member, can contact One Recovery Bury on 0161 253 6488 for free support, advice and information.

Specialist drug and alcohol related support and services are available in Bury for young people aged under 18 via the Early Break service. Early Break can be contacted on 0161 723 3880 or via Facebook ‘Early Break UK’


Press release issued: 31 May 2016.