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Parents urged to protect children from smoky cars

Press release   •   Jan 14, 2014 11:56 GMT

Health chiefs in Bury are backing a new Greater Manchester campaign which calls for a ban on smoking in cars where children are passengers.

To promote this campaign, Tobacco Free Futures and the British Lung Foundation have produced a short film.

The film stars Neil Fitzmaurice, from Peep Show and Phoenix Nights, and Jazmine Franks from Hollyoaks, and explains that many young people are too frightened to speak up about their parents or other adults smoking in a car.

The video is part of a wider campaign calling for legislation to make all cars carrying children smoke-free.

The issue is due to be debated in the House of Lords in the New Year as part of the Children and Families Bill.

Lesley Jones, Bury’s director of public health, said: “Second-hand smoke causes a wide range of health problems in children. The only way to protect then is to not smoke in enclosed places such as cars.”

In the North West second-hand smoke results in at least 34,000 GP visits and more than 1,100 emergency admissions to hospital each year.

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Press release issued: 14 January 2014.