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Winter wedding? It’s ‘snow’ problem for us!

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2013 14:55 GMT

New brides who feared the winter weather would ruin their big day found it was "snow" problem for Bury's registration officers.

The intrepid trio - Deborah Lisle, Lesley Heyworth and Joanne Spencer - hauled themselves through atrocious conditions to make sure the weddings went ahead as planned.

The Saturday in question was 26 January when the borough awoke to inches of snow. There were three weddings booked to take place in the Register Office, the first at 12.15pm.

Deborah, who has worked in the office since 2005, said: "I live in Tottington and our estate becomes impossible to drive off as soon as any snow falls. I began planning on Friday evening how I would get to work.

"I set off from home at 9.15am hoping that I would be able to catch a bus, but I ended up walking to the Town Hall as not one bus passed me in either direction. It took 1 hour 10 mins to get there! I was concerned that the couples would be ringing the office enquiring if we were open for their ceremonies. Weddings take so long to plan and organise that you can't let couples down, we have to get to work."

Meanwhile, Lesley, who works in Elections during the week, walked all the way from Brandlesholme to the office. Joanne was in Ramsbottom, and walked to the main road before her aunt came to the rescue with a 4x4 vehicle. Both of them have been deputy registrars for five years, and they all work in the register office at weekends only.

They have since received a very nice letter from one of the new brides who appreciated all their efforts.

"The ceremonies went off very smoothly, and most of the guests made it to the Register Office on time," said Deborah. "The brides and grooms took everything in their stride and enjoyed their special moments. I am sure they will all have great photographs to remind them of the freaky weather we encountered that day."

Their efforts have been were applauded by Councillor Mike Connolly, leader of Bury Council.

“I want to place on record our thanks to all our staff who worked over Christmas and New Year in providing those key front-line services, that at times we take for granted but nevertheless should be recognised,” he told the latest full council meeting.

“I also want say a special thank you to our three members of staff in the Register Office who walked into work from Tottington and Brandlesholme on that snowbound Saturday morning to ensure a planned wedding went ahead and the couples’ special day was not spoiled.”


Press release issued: 14 February 2013.

Picture attached: Deborah, Lesley and Joanne are all pictured here on an earlier occasion in December 2012. They were performing a citizenship ceremony at Bury Register Office, when they welcomed Mrs Sardar Begum as a British citizen - at the age of 105, believed to be the second oldest person in the country to be given this honour.